Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ugly American Republican GMO 'Schlep-p--p' GOY for the Federal Reserve System (FRS)<<

MONSANTO and Genetically Modified Organisms for long enough to know the criminally insane by way of the bad habit to trust the criminally insane Federal Reserve System (FRS) to make bank on genetically modifying the human being in every ways and means and shape and form, imaginable.  And best part?  Charge the innocent for the right to be genetically engineered into blubbering piles of protoplasm, early model for Jabba the Hutt is as ugly as the version used in the film.

to be continued .l..


  1. When the human being is insane, insane acts are what the insanity reveals and we have global insanity via the criminally insane that being at a top level, "Holy Roman Empire"? & ITS' Ghetto Hells Earth Inc

  2. What THEY really want is to bury the experiment that has obviously failed and that is going to be March 2014 ? 3/4-3/22 OR September 2014, OR is IT going to be 2015? IT is gonna be!! We know.