Friday, February 21, 2014


Southeast Asia 1960s
[sidebar:  In 1971, or thereabouts, upon returning from studying the great master 'fine' artists in Europe, my brother "Alex" gave me a book.  Our father TOP LEVEL 'CIA' wasn't amused.

Alex had been studying our cousin once removed, Karl Marx.  Alex said that Karl had been used, a DUPE, and the book the Communist Manifesto was not written via Karl.  His NAME had been made a BRAND 'FAME'.

Thus, the secret cabal that got Karl to be the LEADER of COMMUNISM:  VilEvil was-is pleased with how well the deviant minds practice to deceive and of course, enslave all VERVE.

We are not in 1971, this is 2014, and we have the internet. <<

(*Karl Marx was hired by a mysterious group who called themselves the League of Just Men to write the Communist Manifesto as demogogic boob - bait to appeal to the mob).

In actual fact the Communist Manifesto was in circulation for many years before Marx' name was widely enough recognized to establish his authorship for this revolutionary handbook. All Karl Marx really did was to update and codify the very same revolutionary plans and principles set down seventy years earlier by Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Order of illuminati in Bavaria. And, it is widely acknowledged by serious scholars of this subject that the League of Just Men was simply an extension of the Illuminati which was forced to go deep underground after it was exposed by a raid in 1786 conducted by the Bavarian authorities.

 P-21 of 98 ... Under this system you could not have a dictatorship. No segment of government could possibly amass enough power to form a dictatorship. In order to have a dictatorship one must have a single branch holding most of the reins of power. Once you have this, a dictatorship is inevitable.

[sidebar con't: THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH ?!  Alex was killed and the date was September 10, 1986.  That date was father's birthday, 9/10/1920.  The accident wasn't an accident nor are the so called ELITE of earth 'HUMAN'?  Well what conspiracy can we call the same species that has not stopped this agenda of Apartheid and Genocide and name the making of the human being into subterranean THE so called "Leaders" in earth aren't about!  Far worse than 1971.  Far far worse due to the COMPROMISED ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS and name a BENT POOR CONFUSED 'DEATHLESS DEATH' this cult of corruption do not use for the wounds of their SOUL./S "I'm NOT Worthy"!]

to be continued ...


  1. Artists, great spirits, minds that are exceptionally curious are always 'collected' by those that are the COMMUNE-SOCIAL-ISMS freaks of nature's 'real laws'. How can an artist get to the public absent a "La Patron"? When the great thinker figures out the exploitation is ongoing, the art continues to be the culture to inspire in one way or another, the future, no matter how disappointing the discovery of the criminally insane always is, the 'human' spirit is greater!

  2. BIBLE? BOOK? Yes, Both: NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, Read the Good Book Because The Real Bible IS Real!

  3. FRAUD, Barry So-Bama is a greater fraud than BRANDEIS and that was an intentional move on the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO! Please, written via the same criminally insane that have used humans as disposable commodities since the 'Reptilian' part of the brain (HYPOTHALAMUS) "JADE PILLOW" IN CHINESE 'TAO' teachings, can't get the energy past the lower vibe of 'reacting'!! PITUITARY PINE CONE intentionally the Vatican erected a GIGANTIC BRONZE to honor our dumb cow goy purpose and intention via the JESUITS, Et Al. Time to change men as mutilated for the 'cause'.