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PILGRIMS & POTUSES & BEARDS And Rising East Sun Shining Dragon Bear & Moon Beaming Too

MEET THE WORLD MONEY POWER http://www.silver-investor.com/charlessavoie/cs_dec04.pdf << Copyright December 2004 Charles Savoie
On November 24, 1980, the Associated Press quoted Leonard Bernstein, a globally prominent musical conductor, as saying in reference to the Kennedy assassination, “We don’t dare confront the implications. I think we’re all agreed there was a conspiracy and we don’t want to know. It involves such a powerful high force in what we call the high places, if we do know, everything might fall apart.”

This is when I start to deliver what I’ve been hinting at for months as I have referred to the World Money Power or the Society. I say start, because a series will be necessary to convey the complete picture. In order for a few people to exercise the colossal power they do, secrecy is crucial. That’s why so few outside the Society ever heard of it, or if they saw references to it, the meaning would not register. There is indeed a powerful high force in the high places! You must know about them because their existence governs your future to a disturbing extent. They are the source of fiat money; the powers behind central banks; international financiers; warmongers; globalists; cartel monopolists; and the force suppressing precious metals. JFK, whose father was a member, strayed from the plan! As Zad Rust commented in “Teddy Bare, The Last of the Kennedy Clan” (1971)— “The Warren Commission had no other mission than to conceal the truth, and it was relentlessly helped in this mission by many official agencies and by some powerful organized Force of universal scope and character.

This Force of Darkness has already brought the world very near to the point of no return on the road to total annihilation of the liberties of man and the independence of nations, and to the enthronement of the Antichrist.”

This is an organization with two branches, the London branch founded in 1902, the New York branch in 1903. As rule #1 of their bylaws states, “The name of the society shall be The Pilgrims.” This is what they call themselves---The Pilgrims. They may also be referred to as The Pilgrims Society; Pilgrim Society; Pilgrims of America; Pilgrims U.S.; Pilgrims of United States; Pilgrims of Great Britain; Pilgrims (London); Pilgrims (New York) or other slight variants such as Pilgrims (NYC). The name doesn’t exactly sound menacing, does it? Probably less so than Skull & Bones Society (Yale University), which has had some furor raised over it in recent years.

The two organizations are interrelated, with The Pilgrims in much the dominant position, as it is with other groups with which it is interlocked. Francis F. Randolph of The Pilgrims, Wall Street financier born in 1889, was treasurer of the Russell Trust Association for many years, the corporate name of Skull & Bones, named after the Russell that founded Bones in 1832. The Yale “secret five” (including Wolf’s Head Society; Book and Snake Society; Berzelius Society; Scroll & Key Society) were founded as British fronts for sons of wealthy Americans who were in league with the British Empire and its World Money Power. Russell & Company was granted opium-trading concessions in China, by the British East India Company. The BEIC didn’t have to give any territory away---it did so in exchange for buying influence in America. Yale University itself is named after Elihu Yale of the British East India Company, who ran an opium-trading fort in India! You see, the British Royalty and their allied bankers NEVER give up trying to control Planet Earth!

While Alexandra Robbins made a stink about Skull & Bones with her recent book, she neglected to point out that Paul Mellon of Scroll & Key, by himself, was probably wealthier than half the Bones members combined. And while Mellon listed his Scroll & Key membership in Who’s Who, he remained silent about his Pilgrim Society membership to the end. His name appeared in a 1969 list, the only known year a list was leaked to the outside world. I reviewed the list at length and concluded its authenticity from other facts available. Skull & Bones is not equal to The Pilgrims for several reasons. The most obvious reason is, reins of power are not turned over to 19 year old boys. When they get to Yale, they are inducted immediately. There is a 10-year waiting list for joining The Pilgrims --- after the person is selected (by invitation only). A death has to occur, or by a measure within the organization, decision to increase its numbers is reached. According to current figures (700), there is about a one in 410,000 chance of any American being a member. It is probably rare for a man to become a member before age 40. Also, what about the powerful people of the country who didn’t attend Yale at all? Do we just paint them out of the picture because it doesn’t fit into some thesis by Alexandra Robbins or Antony Sutton? Sutton, by the way, spent time at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University --- of which Pilgrim Society members are trustees.  Esquire magazine, September 1977 ran an article on Skull & Bones, starting on page 84. WHY haven’t they had one about The Pilgrims?  There are many indications that David Rockefeller, at age 89, remains the most powerful man in the country, and he came from Harvard. Ms. Robbins claimed Skull & Bones “controls the Rockefeller fortune,” but gave no documentation. Societies such as Bones are indeed important but must not be equated to “the senior, Anglo-American Society,” which is The Pilgrims. Not only is The Pilgrim Society exponentially the most powerful organization the world has ever known; it is relatively speaking, the most secretive; and certainly the most dangerous! The sheer network of thousands of interlocking connections is enough to overwhelm one person trying to research them. Referring to the power of the organization, in a speech at the House of Commons on August 20, 1941, Winston Churchill (a member) said, “No one could stop it. Let it roll on in full flood, inexorable, irresistible.”  I believe the reason why the name Pilgrims was chosen is an open secret, like their very existence. The original Pilgrims, who came over on the Mayflower centuries earlier, left the old world to found a New World where they believed they could live life their chosen way. These other Pilgrims, whose Royal roots trace back at least to early medieval times in Britain and Europe, are leaving the present world system and gravitating towards a New World---a New World Order. I have compiled enough information on these men to write millions of words length. That won’t be possible here. I intend to give a summary as best I can. If anyone wishes to employ the term “conspiracy,” I have no quarrel with that.  This is precisely what we are examining. To believe otherwise is the summit of childish naiveté. Use the word intrigue instead if you assimilate it easier. Other applicable terms such as “Illuminati,” dating to an Austrian professor on May 1, 1776---Mayday--- are heard. They are elitists who know how the world should be ordered, the rest of us are clueless. And they will do anything to achieve that order, even if it calls for the extermination of half the world’s population---which appears to be part of the plan.

As to which of its members are most powerful, is subject to conjecture, and no absolute conclusion can be reached---that’s all known only on the inside. What is obvious is that the British Royal family was involved with the founding of the organization, and remains involved to this moment. Also obvious is that a front man for Lord Rothschild, diamond cartelist Cecil Rhodes, provided the framework or concept for the Society in the wills he left. Americans involved in the founding included Joseph Wheeler, an ex-Confederate general (the British built a lot of war vessels for the South), and financiers and empire builders like John D. Rockefeller; Andrew Carnegie; the Vanderbilts, Mellons and Du Ponts.  This plan started with the British, to preserve and increase their Empire.  They realized that they needed powerful allies in their drive to control the world. The chosen allies became the North American “Robber Barons,” empire builders including the Astors; Vanderbilts; Rockefellers; Harrimans; Du Ponts; Mellons; Whitneys; Harknesses and others. We can assume that however they were approached and drawn into the plan, the offer went along the lines of “you’ve built an empire, join us if you want to share in a World Empire!” And like a corporation with shares, the world is to be divided up according to “shareholdings” within The Pilgrims organization. I reluctantly call your attention to Revelation 13:16-18 which speaks of everyone being given a number, without which we cannot buy nor sell. If it happens it will originate from within this Society. You don’t seriously believe that one man alone could rise to world prominence, without the concerted efforts of hundreds of powerful men across a span of many years, do you?  It may be recalled that Rothschild emerged as the richest man in Britain at the close of the Napoleonic Wars when the Duke of Wellington won at Waterloo, Belgium in 1815. Assuming that he did become the wealthiest due to his buying shares on the exchange at collapsed prices in the panic — word was spread falsely that Napoleon won —, do not lose sight of the fact that the Royal Family still controlled the military forces of Great Britain, and if they took too strong a dislike to you, your head could come off. Also, the Royals of Britain and Europe have been at the wealth accumulation game for centuries longer than names like Rothschild and Warburg. The Bank of England came into existence decades before the Rothschilds became powers. Additionally, the British Empire controlled immense territories, from whence fantastic wealth was siphoned back to England and Europe, notably from China and India.  Major Canadian banks of today, including Royal Bank of Canada; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; and Toronto Dominion Bank, all contain words that point to ownership by Royal interests, then there’s the Royal Bank of Scotland, of which the huge (70,000 + employees) National Westminster Bank is a subsidiary. That it shares its name with the Duke of Westminster is no accident---the current Duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, one of the Royals, owns over 300 acres of the choicest property in downtown London, plus immense land holdings in Canada, Australia, Hawaii and elsewhere. He is a leading member of The Pilgrims of Great Britain —

http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/01.11/silverstealers-2.html <<

Why is that?

Why does the Obama Regime have to be the most secretive of any presidency in American history?

Could it all boil down to something as simple as Barack Obama being gay, continuing to use and abuse drugs, and not being anywhere near the magical black man that the corrupt media desperately wants him to be? 

Is THAT what all the enigma, subterfuge, and Alinsky Goon Squad assaults are all really about?

Is Barack Obama our first down-low, closeted gay President and is Michelle Antoinette Obama our first fully-complicit “beard” of a First Lady?

As the agenda-driven media is always so quick to say when a conservative is accused of anything:  you be the judge.

http://hillbuzz.org/is-barack-obama-gay <<

[sidebar:  Critical mass has been reached at a certain level.

February 3, has come and gone again and the numbers keep on.  Years growing memories' absenteeism.  Painful memories alone and lonely and more painful when memories leave all alone the space that was filled with a reality, seemingly for good.

The PILGRIMS seek immortality.  They've got that now and the memories for the unconscious, subconscious, conscious, superconscious and ?? enlightenment.  Do we share the 'vision' ?!

An awakening from the sleep induced coma isn't but, mounting numbness tingling of a spirit screaming for the nightmare to stop.  We have APARTHEID in America and ITS' really, really not exactly a sane society.

Every American needs to STOP what the doing is, and take a trip to every part of America.  Meet the people that are called 'Americans'.

The RIGHT isn't and neither is the LEFT and then all the other NEITHER LEFT NOR RIGHT, aren't either, and then what about the don't really knows?

Jews got their own NEWS and that's the New York Times and but, of course, the Wall Street Journal too, whatever money smell in the morning-noon-night to carry on the day about in word armies.

And our brains suck up the insane, whatever network of the CONTROLLED "Propaganda" that has been shaping the shadow of unseen consumer choices.  Trudge trudge zing-zing we wing along IT controlling our very verve in every vibe.

How can we be GUILTY?  Of what for the sake of being born!

Oh my the list of sins are sold as though neon.

Lingering around here in Agenda 21, wondering about the choices of how to be around for the slow boil of a frog, some say.

Surround sound the death toll rings a not so distant bell.  Hell is already known by the lay of land here, there, everywhere GREEN alright, the burying us all at Wounded Knee.  At least the dignity of dying can be in a warrior's Spiritual 'Ghost' Dance.

Be a 'man' or whatever the bent is, take the poisons with the spirit of one that understands.

Allow the certain humans who have no longer the luxury of secrecy PILGRIMS ~~ to be seen for what IT is really, transparent fully in the NSA's own NOC [network of control] pilgrims toxic noxious shock and awe, wars without end now only inside their own brain chemistry.

The only 'escape' from the so called FREE WORLD is to get free in our mind about how thinking is a critical art form.  CHINA-RUSSIA-IRAN and, BRICS, and there are more countries according to Karen Hudes www.kahudes.net that have turned the ignorance in this light 'on'.

Barry Sotero and his Plantation Dance of low down, we gotta tear IT down.

What is the first Jewish Black POTUS#44 named in the real truth of our completely almost 100% artificial world?  Who is the BEARD "Michelle?", in any genuine known 'real truth'?  Those 'daughters' have NEVER BEEN in a photo as infants or where are the Christmas pics for the whole world of GLUE I mean 'BLUE' to make shrines for.  Then, the BLOB and other worshiping SLOBS as well, the multitude of star gazers galore want to carry pics for slobbering on.

BUSH FAMILY?  How do the "Christian Right" or whatever the "Conservative Americans" ?? Tea Party, Koch Brothers, Ron Paul devotees, Gold Bugs, Silver Experts, Metal Collectors, and of course in all this collective there are multitude of spin-off factions ... what is REALLY Be LIE ved about the Bush Family and ITS' complete corruption?!  Contaminated to the absolute tap core.

Americans have not been well educated nor well informed for no less than one hundred (100) years.

Guns, weapons, drugs, 'religion', whatever 'product' can be manufactured-sold-consumed.  America the land where whatever is sold in the information stream of hypnotic mind control is FREE.

Mexicans that are never to be called Hispanic or any Latino Label.  Asians and the spins of different 'cultures' are countless.  Religious factions in so many the numbers of 'faith organizations', the spins are staggering out of control.

PILGRIMS that have been moved from home and forced to live in FREE AMERICA.

Humans are a commodity and the commandeered (sequestered & austerity) incestuous paedophilia
'western' PILGRIMS have to share the 'earth' NOW, with the EAST and this can be certainly 'an interesting time'.]

.. to be continued ...

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