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Carol, JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT has received the Email ... You are incarcerated in your home and Roger is in the real jail.  I did not get into the situation you're in due to using as many names as I can, and not going as far as Roger did in what he decided to in outing the filth.

Stop blaming me because you two took this too far.  Get yourselves safe.  Stop hitting me because you got yourself into a position of powerless victim.

I didn't and neither did Crystal Cox, so you're not going to get free by blaming those that have kept your BLOG going via comments.

Bullshit on all your so called intelligence, you're not thinking other than with the mind controlled psychobabble and I am sorry you're really going down now.  Get yourself help, American Disabilities.

Perhaps Andrew Krieg can now wake his sorry butt up, too.  Mr. Krieg, I see a serious injustice in the ROGER SHULER case.  You have led Carol Shuler to believe in you as the same type of link to justice, as is sold to the rest of Americans.

Roger has to get some reality in this and Carol is not able to file any papers in her or his behalf.  SHE IS A NAMED PARTY AND STUCK IN HER HOUSE AS SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.

What has been done to the Shuler family is a serious crime.  How did that happen to such a wonderful WHITE couple in Alabama?!

First, I warned Roger over and over TO STOP the TRASH reports.  He would not.  He took the reporting on the filth of the lack of family values to the maximum.

Now that should not get Carol and he where they are, but the truth is, Roger went into the den of thieves and did to them what was done to him:  same tic for tack and he got the staple gun in him last because the BIG GOV AL owns IT.


The Federal Reserve System, as long as this FRAUD controls the entire United States of America you cannot do one wit of empowerment for the Shuler family and not any family in America for that matter.  PLEASE.

In this time I was surrounded by lawyers that wanted to take my cases.  $25K here $50K there $500K and $100K and on the money disappeared REAL LABOR.

My cousin once removed is Karl Marx.  My brother is dead for writing a book, OUR FATHER AND THE CIA.  Dead on our father's birth date, 9/10/86.  Father was born 9/10/20.

O.K. so I decide to read all that my brother had already given me to read, and more, the aughts and information has created an ENLIGHTENMENT once again.

Thus, DAS KAPITAL tells how capitalism runs amok.

PSYCHOBABBLE (what Carol is doing now) is MIND CONTROL.

My father told me so much before he passed that he would not have done, and mother too.

CHEMICALS in our skies.  Well father was one of the EXPERTS IN THE SKIES, decorated by Lyndon Johnson in 1975, more HUEY HELICOPTER HOURS than any other pilot.

Am I proud?  No, I am righting my mother and father's wrongs.

They didn't know what I know and they thought my brother was going to get our whole family killed for writing his book.

Rather his book and him went into the Bering Sea AND GUESS WHO WAS BLAMED!?

The Russians and Koreans.  Duh.

You need to either file the paperwork for Carol or teach her and all how, for that matter, that would be true INTEGRITY IN JUSTICE.  Every American file against the Federal Reserve System for more than 100 years of FRAUD in our U.S. Constitution MONEY SOVEREIGNTY.

But, then, there would not be any need for the ESQUIRE.  Which was not meant to be in any case.!

CITIZENS' LAWYERS, Mrs. Schnauzer can be the first student to understand that victim was not in our word vocabulary for the Bill of Rights' and US Constitution other than to be a stand up higher intellect in the spirit, rule and letter of the law.

Thank you,
energy is energy.  Carol chooses to be the energy that she chooses to be.  When the energy can't be powerful enough to stand in the bad of America, then we've lost America.  America's bad is now as bad as we know IT to get.  The only way for the bad to get better is to direct our energy at the real energy to be in an alchemy of not totally corrupted-contaminated BAD.  Carol has been incarcerated after a fashion.  She can't really leave her house without also being arrested.  Now the Shulers' have their story and the story is credible, especially in George W. Bush's POTUS#43 'Merica.  The problem is Carol and Roger were not prepared for how the change in the organization of so called United States of America, had become as BAD.  Roger is a journalist who has a blog.  He exposed the corrupt politics of Alabama.  Nothing new, but for Roger, well he was extremely bitter about his Alabama experience of life, his and Carol's experiences in Alabama weren't GOOD.  The experiences ended very badly and now the worse is happening.  Not living in the Truman Show, as was the lifestyle of the American Dreamers' Society.  Nightmares sometimes don't even wake the people up, you decide here>>MIND CONTROLLED PSYCHO BABBLE IS REAL.  I DO NOT see this as Carol speaking here.  This is the state of all Americans.  White male in jail for exposing the hypocrisy of American Alabama Political Ponerology & white female in solitary confinement in the home that does not belong to them, but belongs to a so called 'criminal' neighbor.  The story is almost too much to believe, BUT IT IS TRUE.  And, driving Carol to the point of total mental breakdown.  She needs help.  Please people we can get some power to see she is being controlled and made to go insane.  Roger is also more likely than not, suffering the same mental-physical-emotional EGO/SPIRIT destruction.
Andrew Kreig said...
Kindly let me add a few responses, particularly to Unknown and Anonymous above.

First, the whole point of having a trial is that is when a writer lays out the evidence, if it is necessary to do so. There are legal standards developed over many decades of libel law litigation in cases like this. They are not being applied, as Carol states. So it is totally premature for anyone, aside from the plaintiffs as a formality early in the process, that Roger lay out his proof.
Second there's a lot of speculation here about motives etc., including a groundless attack on me from someone who wouldn't provide a name. I'll respond simply by noting that I arranged a national interview on Fox Talk Radio for Roger tonight, and didn't even join him on it. This was a chance for him to tell his story in a dramatic way.
Obviously, people can say what they want in a comment section but the other readers would probably appreciate common sense.
Finally, let's keep the pressure on so that he gets out soon!

March 20, 2014 at 9:46 PM
Blogger legalschnauzer said...
Andrew -- Thank you for arranging the interview on Fox Talk Radio & for everything you have done to help. Roger & I appreciate all your efforts on our behalf.
March 20, 2014 at 11:04 PM
Blogger Coyote Lane said...
Carol, no offense but you need to grow up. You're not a child. Perhaps you should have birthed or adopted a child. That could have gotten you a lot more fired up here, that is how it is with motherhood.

Get as mad as a mother who has been separated from her child.

Mother Otters die before they allow their young to be taken from them.

Animals in the wild are not as docile as we the American dumb.

We are pathetic in how this looks here at Legal Schnauzer.

Gotta do better, Murphy doesn't look like there was a lot of back down in her.
March 21, 2014 at 12:44 AM
Blogger Coyote Lane said...
Carol, when you get to filing paperwork, let me know. You know how to contact me.

Your trauma drama teeter totter crises addiction is too much energy and I can't give anymore to this type of situation.

You don't seem to be able to get your paperwork filed and that is what you must do as a grown up person in America.

We should have learned how to defend our rights' in the first grade of school, and earlier.

The situation is what it is and wallowing in our grief to the point of impotent wont' heal US!
March 21, 2014 at 1:02 AM
Blogger legalschnauzer said...
Coyote Lane @ 12:44 & 1:02 AM -- Please go f*ck yourself!!! I have had it with you. You have some nerve! I don't need you telling me what to do & I don't answer to you. I have no interest in contacting you ever. Please DO NOT EVER invoke Murphy's name ever again!!! You are the one who is full of drama. Please get professional help. Oh did you birth or adopt a child & is that what is the hell wrong with you?? Cause something certainly is!!! Also I did not run your latest ranting comments directed at Andrew Kreig. You are a runaway freak show!!!

In addition, I will not be running anymore of your comments on this blog. I have had it up to my flipping eyeballs with you. Do you hear me??? That's it!!! You are a damn psycho...

Carol can't take SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.  And all the blog gets is Andrew Krieg and the so called JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT.

Carol has lost it.  Why?  Because Alabama kidnapped her husband and she does not appear able to be a grown-up all by herself.

But, then, what human could endure being locked inside their so called home while their husband was kidnapped and locked up in the jail that isn't going to free him.

She is terrified of the court because she has been named a party.  She does not appear able to file any paperwork or do anything other than what you see here.

That-this is a crime.  She has been made to be the same as those that are considered handicapped.

There we are America, the couples that are white and fulfill the supposed perfect model for the U$ 'professional class' are not able to be one iota in the space where the fighter has to be stronger than the evil opponent.

And then we have the author who is a lawyer but, does not practice law.  I think the lawyers in America need to get to be experienced in the law, like a maestro is in the virtuoso of practicing a fine art for years and years and yes, a lifetime.

No, the lawyers in America can't even file (or so it appears to be true) a writ of free the body.  Or, the lawyers that have looked at Legal Schnauzer see the dog Murphy is a dog and an incredible power jumper in a photograph.

However, the lawyers appear to have to deal with Carol and perhaps she isn't mentally able to even communicate with the real tough lawyer that practices in the junk yard with the real bad dogs, too.  How tragic RU$?  See Carol's response about her needing to be way tough in order to get her husband free.

Not tough in the places where that energy needs to be directed is truly the state of the whole of America.  Carol's solitary confinement in her home and her husband locked up in jail is the story of Americans in 2014.  Terror War wins.  


  1. JUSTICE INTEGRITY PROJECT can't get Roger Shuler MURPHY SCHNAUZER free, and Carol is LOCKED IN HER HOME and has gone into a state of mental breakdown, PLEASE HELP THEM!

  2. Carol Shuler calls Coyote Lane a Psycho and the question is WHY, in reality?! Well because Carol is locked inside her home since October 2013, and her husband is in jail since then, kidnapped. This is AMERICA. Where the people that give energy to assist the handicapped are bitten and the danger zone is everywhere.

  3. MIND CONTROLLED PSYCHO BABBLE IS REAL. I DO NOT see this as Carol speaking here. This is the state of all Americans. White male in jail for exposing the hypocrisy of American Alabama Political Ponerology & white female in solitary confinement in the home that does not belong to them, but belongs to a so called 'criminal' neighbor. The story is almost too much to believe, BUT IT IS TRUE. And, driving Carol to the point of total mental breakdown. She needs help. Please people we can get some power to see she is being controlled and made to go insane. Roger is also more likely than not, suffering the same mental-physical-emotional EGO/SPIRIT destruction.