Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Karl Marx
"... So it is left to Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, to acknowledge the arrival of the new world that never was with the publication in German of the Communist Manifesto in 1848: "The bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production, and thereby the relations of production, and with them the whole relations of society."

[sidebar:  Intentional monsters.  The WAR Tribal Global, calling IT "Big Government", World United Nations.

The WTG, BG, WUN, IT, has never been other than completely criminally insane.  Time moves and the frequencies of life and the forms of energies in the universe and in earth, spin in the vibrations of what IT is and what IT isn't.

Nature vs. Artificiality.  Humans vs. Humans.  Craziness.

Supposedly Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.  Supposedly this isn't the whole truth.  A League of some cult of secret 'Gentlemen', are said to have written a manifesto to rule the lesser that were to be slaves of those that wrote the manifesto.  Marx was a well known writer for Das Kapital.  Once the fame was on him, well how shocking!  He was used, HIS GOOD NAME, yes indeed, the Communist Manifesto.  Presto the evil gentlemen in league with the criminally insane that hide in the same places as always, olden cold blooded freaks of unnatural subterranean hooked the NEW INTELLECT of the human curiosity.

Extremely sick humans (ESHs).  These ESHs have gotten the power over other humans who-whom, that are extremely sick, victims (ESVs) ... controlled via the criminally insane sick ESHs.  The criminally insane sick are known by the ways and means of enslaving, manufacturing a serious apartheid in the Homo Sapiens', and of course then growing the STOCK as the so called 'lesser' are considered, to then mark-to-market:  slaughtering for centuries and the number of time for mutilating and extincting our own species isn't actually discussed, ESHs vs. ESVs.

Playing like dressing up and acting what is sold as civilized, is actually an evolved and higher thinking stuff while mass slaughtering our own species.  The victims do not rebel due to the obvious centuries of experimentation.

Stuff the brain with chemicals, poisons to direct the chemistry in the synapse here-there and everywhere.  But, nobody is at home.

Wandering around now in search of our minds, gone bye-bye and yet the species actually is fooled into practicing suicide as a fine art that can be perfect with the IT directing our complete surrender into the/a machine.

Use the mind, image a spiral motion-movement 'subtle'.  In each compartment-number there's a gift.  CHINESE don't want this practice into the whole wide earth world so maybe the time for the TAOISTS' to be our guide in the magical mystery tour of the changing of our consciousness in the historical now.

Considered one of the 'high' practices of the Taoists.  How did those anarchists figure out this pattern of numbers in the brain?  No matter how the add, there are a multiple of 15, vertical-horizontal-diagonal.

Breathing in the chamber-compartment (so many names), the focused point in the brain where a 'gift' (such as total recall) can be exercised via our breath.  Opening the channel, the gift such as mind reading, does happen.

Practice.  Absent practice is impotency, clearly the human being majority are not practicing higher thinking in the century we're in here.

Nine breaths of subtle spiraling 'energy-frequency'.  In each number as seen in the image above, begin with 1 and go to 2, 3 and finish in number 9.  Bring the 'beak hands' back into the lap to rest after this CHI GONG 'CULTIVATION OF THE NINE HOUSES'.

Eating and drinking and sleeping too, the practiced arts of living simply have also been forgotten ... to be remembered when the brain reconnects to the mind (in every cell of our 'body')].


  1. Can't stay living in the Wizard of OZ forever and ever!

  2. WIZARD OF OZ was critiqued by a CHINESE critic, in the fancy publication in EUROPE (but of course), and the Chinese Critic of renown and scholar of all the CLASSICS, was indeed spot on.