Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ukraine's Acting Foreign Minister Urges Russia To Let Monitors Into Crimea | The Big Story | Foreign military mission barred from Crimea |

Ukraine crisis live: Ukrainian observation plane fired at over Crimean border

Ukraine's border guard says an observation plane has been shot at while on patrol over Crimea, as a team of monitors from the OSCE have been forcibly prevented from entering the region

Armed men, believed to be Russian soldiers, march outside the Perevalnoye military unit Armed men, believed to be Russian soldiers, march near the Perevalnoye military base in Crimea Photo: Maxim Shipenov/EPA
5:22PM GMT 08 Mar 2014
Mar. 8, 2014 8:48 AM EST

ARMIANSK, Ukraine (AP) — An Associated Press reporter says pro-Russian forces refused to let a foreign military mission enter Crimea on Saturday.

After the officers had stopped, the armed men fired warning bursts of automatic weapons fire into the air to make other unidentified vehicles halt. No injuries were reported.

The multinational group of military officers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe was attempting to enter the embattled peninsula from the north. The armed men told them they had no authorization to enter Crimea.

The OSCE mission will likely return to the Ukrainian city of Kherson where it had spent the night, the AP reporter said.

Russia and Ukraine are locked in a tense standoff over Crimea.

[sidebar:  This isn't the Chinese Olympics and George W. Bush, "Jr" isn't in control of the communication with V. Putin, Russia and China.  This is real time the West meets East.  The East is going to take the West and teach the degenerate that the world earth has decided and always does.]


  1. China and Russia are not patient in the time of this gulag global. Last time around the "Half Way There" remark from GWB "JR" got the attention of the world earth. There is not to be another New American Century sold via the KINGS of Jerusalem Et Al.

  2. World War I, II, III and WW IV "sticks and stones" EINSTEIN!