Thursday, March 13, 2014

SHELDON ADELSON Needs Cliff High's Wujo Work Out! NO PROBLEM LAS VEGAS, NEVADA ~NO Conscience, NO Contest: Apartheid - Genocide & Nuclear Holocaust Minature To Gigantic

Sheldon Adelson owns Las Vegas, Nevada, after a fashion.  Where human beings go to spend all their money in the artificiality of a place that has raped the desert and the Colorado River to exist.

What does any human being walking upright thinking sentient expect?

Gambling addiction, what a crime.  Sin sits somewhere obsolete when the City of Las Vegas, State of Nevada, are considered as places in the earth 'reality'.

Adelson: Nuke Iran to Get It to Talk Business (Video) Adelson criticized the Obama administration’s readiness to negotiate with Iran’s leaders. By: JTA


>>Cliff High Wujo >>

[SIDEBAR:  When the "Jewry Political" get to decide for world earth, then the world earth gets to decide the Jewry Political are too sick from the practice of METZITZAH B'PEH in their heads, to decide other than what they've decided for centuries - APARTHEID and GENOCIDE.  ... to be continued, RE:  HAVES and HAVE NOTS ....]

) Adelson criticized the Obama administration’s readiness to negotiate with Iran’s leaders. By: JTA Published: October 24th, 2013

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  1. SHELDON ADELSON-Las Vegas, Nevada PROVE the American Dream is But A Big Bad Artificiality That DESTROYS Earth. Gambling gets the money to then take the Colorado River and make a Desert into the same ideology as all fools' missions, clearly the Colorado River is run dry and Sheldon Adelson is an ancient vampire of the practice Metzitzah B'Peh?

  2. CHOSEN? Because mutilating our own species is OK!? Please we best awaken the genius in all of we humans, immediately. Dates the Metzitzah b'peh have in targeting U$?! March 15, April 11, May 15, June 28, 2014, et al. Be Prepared!

  3. Brain Apartheid (MRI proves this is true) from the act of paedophilia metzitzah bpeh and circumcision, is a mentally ill condition in every cell of the human body. Date of Hitler's Birthday, too, April 20, so many devils' in the details of earth's detonation in 2014 through 2021.