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U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke and Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law and a professor of law Lawrence Velvel | Sen. Wyden blasts intel chief James Clapper: ‘We need an upgrade in the intelligence leadership’

Eminent legal scholars such as former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clarke and Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law and a professor of law Lawrence Velvel have since stated that high-level Bush administration officials did commit war crimes in relation to the Iraq war.

18 U.S.C. § 2441 has no statute of limitations, which means that a war crimes complaint can be filed at any time  Sunday, March 30, 2014, MEMBER DIARY

Why Wyden, Oregon? Diary)  | 

The short answer to the question in my title is…Ron Wyden is a hard-core liberal senator the hard-core liberals of Oregon first put into office in November, 1980. There’s nothing else to see here so move on. Well I’m just a persistent cuss who does want to look at Oregon a little longer. I want to see a few more details than just the conventional wisdom of political pundits.

The Ron Wyden some Portland Oregon hippies sent to Washington, DC in January 1981 is a different guy than the Ron Wyden running for re-election in 2010. Look at the photos below.
Ron Wyden then
Ron Wyden
Ron Wyden today
Ron Widen
Hmmmm? Who else does that same pose?
So I have to ask myself if these hard-core liberal Oregonians are his political base. Are they really excited and enthusiastic about Ron Wyden? From lurking over at Fire Dog Lake and Huffpo to read some of the obscene comments, I am left with the impression that Ron Wyden is NOT their darling at all. For them he is just a typical compromised politician who betrays progressives. Ron Wyden is not even the same guy they last elected in 2004. In 2005 he married Nancy Bass, owner of New York’s famous Strand bookstore. With this marriage Ron has now cracked its “50 Wealthiest List,” with a net worth of at least $5.4 million. It appears to me that the political base for Ron Wyden is in Washington, DC with the establishment politicians in the US Senate club. Sen. Ron Wyden has built his reputation by splitting differences, nurturing compromise and working with Republicans. He did it with Gordon Smith and with Republican Sen. Robert Bennet on health care. He’s currently working with Republican Sen. Charles Grassley to stop senators from anonymously blocking legislation and Sen. Judd Gregg on major tax reform. This may be pleasing to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, but the voters don’t get excited about this bipartisan facade.

Digging a little deeper into who is financing Ron Wyden I discovered Oregon Voters’ Voice and this excerpt:

If Ron Wyden’s primary political backers are in New York, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, then does he truly represent Oregonians?
No, he does not! 
Ron Wyden cannot truly represent Oregonians if the majority of his financial support comes from wealthy donors outside of our State.
In 1994 Oregon Voters passed Ballot Measure 6, which banned the use of out-of-State donations by political candidates. Two Federal Judges decided that our law was unconstitutional and refused to uphold it.
We have already told Ron Wyden that taking out-of-State money is against our laws, but he isn’t listening.
If your money isn’t good enough for Ron Wyden, then he doesn’t deserve your vote either.
And finally I found a blog about how Ron Wyden tries to have his cake and eat it too with this little tidbit in the comments section

Carmen | September 12, 2010 at 8:53 am | Reply
Wyden’s current (millionaire, heiress) wife and current children live in New York. Home is where the heart is, so I believe New York has three senators and Oregon has one.  Wyden is trumpeting that he voted against the bank bailout TWICE. Problem is that THIRD TIME when he was the deciding vote to pass it.
One of Wyden’s top five campaign contributions ($20,000) came from Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.
The bottom line is that in a tidal wave election year, 2010, an incumbent like Ron Wyden can be defeated. The man that can defeat him is an Oregonian living in Portland. His name is Jim Huffman, and he looks you in the eye instead of looking down his nose at you.

Oregonians who desire to have a US Senator representing Oregon have got to GOTV. When people meet Jim Huffman and watch him debate they will like what they see and hear.
Jim Huffman

Ron Wyden
Oregon Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden blasted Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Sunday — claiming “we need an upgrade in the intelligence leadership” — but refused to label NSA leaker Edward Snowden a criminal.

Wyden spoke with NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” about President Barack Obama’s proposed reforms to make government surveillance of American citizens less invasive. Todd pointed out that Snowden praised the president’s initiative from his exile in Moscow.

“Where are you on Snowden?” Todd asked the senator. “Is he a whistleblower? Is he a criminal? And if he’s brought to the United States, should charges be brought up against him?”
WYDEN: Chuck, I decided a long time ago, if somebody was charged criminally, I wasn’t going to be doing running commentary. But the bottom line is, this is a debate that shouldn’t have started that way. It should have been started with the intelligence leadership –
TODD: Did he commit a crime?
WYDEN: I think that’s something for lawyers.
TODD: You’re in the United States Senate. You cannot tell me whether he committed a crime?
WYDEN: I’m not a prosecutor. . . Here’s what the bottom line is for me. The American people deserve straight information from the intelligence leadership. If the American people don’t get it, you can bet there will be other situations like this.
Todd also noted that Wyden was the first to suggest the widespread government surveillance of Americans, during a congressional hearing with Clapper last spring that saw the intelligence chief lie under oath.

“You had to bring this up,” Todd said. “Is there anything else that we don’t know, that you know, that would somehow make the American public feel insecure about their privacy?”

The senator largely dodged the question — declaring that “liberty and security are not mutually exclusive, we can have both” — before taking a brutal swipe at Clapper.

“What was particularly troubling about what James Clapper did is he wouldn’t even correct it after the fact,” Wyden seethed. “In other words, this issue had been put in the public square not by the Congress but by, in effect, the intelligence leadership. They stated something in a public hearing that was flagrantly inaccurate, [and] they wouldn’t correct it after the fact.”

“Do you still have confidence in Clapper?” Todd asked.

“I think we need an upgrade in the intelligence leadership,” Wyden responded, adding there’s a “big rebuilding job to do.”

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