Friday, March 14, 2014

LONDON — Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says differences remain between Moscow and the U.S. following negotiations in London aimed at ending the crisis in Ukraine.

Photo: Sean Dempsey, AP |  Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and US Secretary of State John Kerry prior to a meeting at Winfield House in London, 3/14/2014.

LONDON (CNN) —Russia will respect the result of Sunday's referendum in Crimea, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told reporters Friday after his meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.
Asked if Kerry threatened sanctions against Russia during their meeting, Lavrov told reporters that Kerry "did not put forward any threats against Russia."


[sidebar:   We now understand the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND has a tap root which is rotting in the United States' Garden of Evil.

WHO ARE THE OWNERS?  Those, they, them, THE IT that owns the IT?

IT:  International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, World Bank, Federal Reserve System, Old Lady of ThreadNeedle Street, Bank of London, KINGS-QUEENS-CULTISTS-GLOBAL-FAMILIES, Paedophiliacs, Religious Fanatics, Criminally Insane 'Inhuman', Practitioners of Metzitzah p'peh, Circumcision, any-all Mutilation of our own 'Human Being' Homo Sapiens' species, Houses of Rothschild-Rockefeller-Et-Al, TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS, INFORMATION-ITT-IP! ET CETERA.

In the SENATE U$A shockingly there has been a stranglehold continuing to suicide the American so called 'life'.  CLIMATE CHANGE in real time.  The International Monetary Fund was supposed to be reformed, however, somehow this didn't and doesn't get done.  Except ring in the UKRAINIAN CRISES and BINGO we got new life beating an artificial heart.  James Baker, in support of an IMF package to UKRAINE.  Kerry and Lew, where do the fraudulent practitioners 'Jews', not have a hand in the ZIONISTS' cannibalism of 'Merica?!

REFORMS TO THE IMF.  What reforms?  Are we really, those of us that can assimilate the 3Rs and in the trail from our pilgrimage 'do the maths'', O.K. with the continued lack of higher intelligence dressing up as though secret society members (Skull&Bones, Et Al), and ivy league ed?

Are we the people O.K. in having this lack of knowledge to be our choice in living as life, earthlings?

CONGRESS is going home.  March 21, new target date to follow the money.  The IMF has complicated times ahead, new leaders to be elected.  UKRAINE is going to be a very poor performance record, in the IMF's past business contracts.  

OBAMA won a package for WAR TIME.  Isn't the news past really great.  McConnell considers the IRS and IMF issues as not separate.

Koch Brothers and the Tea Party.  We TAKE BACK the this and that, called Congress-Senate-House, District of Criminals isn't sustainable no matter which tug the wars get pulled apart.
Which REPRESENTATIVE do we consult in our contract/s?  House Appropriations Committee Chair Hal Rogers?  McConnell?  Kerry has been warned!
UKRAINE aid can be endangered, adding the IMF REFORM provisions.  Wow.
And so the IMF proves for American WAR policy/ies, "Foreign .. when military options are not really viable" ..  Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee ranking Republican on Foreign Relations > follow the money!
CONGRESS has been manufactured into a machine that is about status or position.  The position has become a CEO after a fashion, in globalism.

Deciding IT could bully ITS' way via HOLLYWOOD & NATO, U$A owned via I$raHell has been BIGGOVGLOBAL [BGG] without a strong opponent.  China and Russia aren't Iran, Et Al.

Digital Fraud got stopped.  Now to own the earth the fraudulent Congress has to get real 'money'.  Can't expand the American Consumers' debt slavery any further and GENOCIDE isn't really acceptable to the awakening masses.

"... Baker’s press spokesman John Williams said he did so once assured there would be no budget impact. But whatever the reason, the addition of his name is a political boost."

What exactly do these WAR MONGERS' expect the people to continue in supporting the criminally insane, mind-controlled, and name what can't be named:  IT.

Addicted to the prestige of an IT.  That's what this time has already recorded as 'historical'.]

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  1. May as well all be transgender robots, are already anyway. Got digital retards running IT GlobalGov BIG. IT ain't got a brain synapse nowhere in the Kerry-Fairie Holly Wood NATO blow all apart by end2014?!