Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mumbling words like RULE OF LAW, he couldn't get past the bumbling that global earth doesn't stumble over anymore while he LIES his BIG LIES over and over

Liars-liar/s freaky high-flyers
forked-tongues lickers-slurpers-sniffers, et cetera
snuffing crack-headless bony fires

criminal/s not applauded to know
who-what-when-where-why, how insanity
spinning zero wins blowin nowhere

brain cocaine holes, petro $ rolls
Texas, Israel, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria,

Just Say No To Injustice
dressing in robes gavels bearing tyrants’ portfolios
word nazis corrupting due process

ruing law impotent, land masses
impatiently erupt to disappear failures’, historically fossilized
experiment abortion time to go




  1. Teleprompter Populist Liar Bigger Pants On Fire Than Bush JR and nobody claps at his vileEvil pie hole open.

  2. Nature isn't about not balancing the imbalances and the reality isn't about not being real when the real nature gets balancing into the act of earth life in heaven's mysteries, get ready!

  3. Dancing in the Twilight of the Darkness he spins his masters' lies and the dust bin of history has opened the vacuum again to rid nature of the unnatural artificiality known as SCOTUS, COTUS, POTUS, FLOTUS, GOVUS, RICO, CRIMINAL FRAUD

  4. Mongoose kills the cobra, especially when nature decides ...