Thursday, March 20, 2014

Yellen Continuing Sellin Ben's Helicopter Routine | FULL MOON FACE | Chinese READ the body as though an open book in the market filled with PROTOPLASM/s' brain/s shrunken, Et Al, Et Cetera

YELLEN: Good afternoon. I'm pleased to join you for the first of my post FOMC press conferences.

Like Chairman Bernanke before me, I appreciate the opportunity these press conferences afford to explain the decisions of the FOMC and respond to your questions.

The Federal Open Market Committee concluded a two ‐ day meeting earlier today. As you already know from our statement, the committee decided to make another modest reduction in the pace of its purchases of longer ‐ term securities.

The committee also updated its guidance regarding the likely future path of the short ‐ term interest rates.

As I'll explain more fully in a moment, this change in our guidance does not indicate any change in the committee's policy intentions as set forth in its recent statements.

YELLEN: Rather, the changes meant to clarify how the committee anticipates policy evolving after the unemployment rate declines below 6.5 percent. let me explain the economic outlook that underlies these actions.

Despite some softer recent data, the FOMC's outlook for continued progress toward our goals of maximum employment and inflation returning to two percent remains broadly unchanged. Unusually harsh weather in January and February has made assessing the underlying strength of the economy especially challenging. Broadly speaking, however, the spending and production data, while somewhat weaker than we had expected in January, are roughly in line with our expectations as of December, the last time committee participants submitted economic projections.

... I talked to a broad range of business contacts and tried to stay in touch with what is happening with real people in the economy. We have  ‐‐  do a lot of work and development in the Fed and have groups come to talk to us and explained to us how their communities have been affected by the economic situation and by the housing crisis.When I was in San Francisco, we were  ‐‐  you know, we had programs there. We worked very closely, particularly in low ‐ income communities that have been very badly affected, to design programs that could potentially be helpful. We tried to study what kinds of programs can  be most effective and to try to understand what kinds of advice we could give to those in the community development lending field to help ... So, I do try to listen to people that represent communities that are experiencing the worst of the crisis, and stay in touch with it that way ...

[sidebar:  OH DEAR, DEAR WHAT CAN THE MATTER BE.  The matter is protoplasm turned into blubbering piles of  absolutely proven scientifically - EG, shrunken brains.  The endocrine of the human being has been compromised.  YELLEN is one of the many POLITICAL EXPERIMENTS we have to get into a place where she can't cause herself and others further harm.  The cult of the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS (IBs), and ITS' METZITZAH B'PEH has caused the criminally insane to be completely absent any conscience whatsoever.

There were and are PROGRAMS!  Yes the SUBPRIME FRAUD was indeed a very well formed program to enrich not those that thought they were at long last, poor enough to rate a program for the poor.  The POOR are kept POOR so YELLEN can write bullshit and eat the stuff as though IT tastes like digital dust.


Why do we allow this criminally insane behavior to be in our faces?  How come we stand for this incredible TOXIC SHAME in our Country -- AND -- lap up the poisoned pablum like the baby can't get breast milk because that's too healthy!!??

YELLEN and BERNANKE Et Al do not give any concern to what has been done to America.  Been at this APARTHEID and GENOCIDE for as long as the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (FRS) has been able to steal all of the United States' of America's real value in the global market:  sovereignty.

So, I do try to listen to people that represent communities that are experiencing the worst of the crisis, and stay in touch with it that way ...


Let us get this clear in our minds - Yellen and the criminally insane running the machine called GLOBAL MILITARY COUP want to TRY to listen to the people that represent communities that are experiencing the worst of the crisis, and stay in touch with it that way ...

In the event this does not scare the living HELL out of Americans, then we are brain dead and deserve to be scooped up like the poop we've become and taken out with the rest of the kitty litter.

Yellen's the POPEHAT for the criminally insane to get the job done, too, her words prove this to be the greatest truth we've heard.]


  1. How scary is Halloween in the Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter? Always the same FULL MOON FACE showing up to be the greatest liars, cheaters, thieves and why? Metzitzah b'peh begins the infant in the TRAUMA-TERROR, so why not keep up the mutilation as though the Bible says so, Old Testament that is.

  2. PROTOPLASM when decomposing reflects in FULL MOON FACES. Look at these so called 'Chosen' and we can realize we're not dealing with other than the practitioners of Metzitzah b'peh and this blood diseased is seriously not sane. Criminal acts prove the poisoned BRAINS are not sane MINDS!