Friday, March 14, 2014

“Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Electronic Warfare March 9, 2014 Did Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 people aboard tragically disintegrate in mid-flight, as official investigators postulate? 

Or has it been disappeared with electronic weaponry used in electronic warfare that at least twenty passengers' employer is contracted by the Department of Defense to make, as this reporter posits? While four passengers who boarded a missing Malaysian jet are under special investigation for stolen and other passport-related issues, twenty passengers were involved in cutting edge electronic technology used for defense purposes, including electronic warfare, such as weapons that can "cloak" or make planes invisible, appearing to vanish. If this is the case with the missing jet, the event points to terrorism.” 

[sidebar:  The earth is going to change.  The change isn't Obama other than he is so ignorant that the druggie can't do other than exactly what he is told.  How IT goes in 21 Century hard wired into the machine.  Prepare the MIND for the coming TIME, because there isn't going to be time when the time comes to prepare the mind.  Sooner the better cause later is like the missing plane.]


  1. Tesla's technology that he feared would be used by evil people for evil purposes has come to past.
    The USA Military Industrial Cartel took flight 370 down. Watch the real life weapon here.

  2. Global Gov is getting closer and closer to full exposure.

  3. TERROR is in the hearts and minds of the NEOCONS, now we're going to see the mistakes made and how the corrections happen too!