Thursday, March 20, 2014

Only As Good As Our News - Information 'Food For Thought/s' | Fed Trims Stimulus By Another $10 Billion | The Key Lesson From The Crash Of 1929 That Still Rings True Today


[sidebar:  We purchase DEBT from the Federal Reserve System (FRS).  That is, the virtual so called 'money' is made from computer entries.  There hasn't been REAL MONEY since the time that was before America got sold into debt slavery by LOUIS BRANDEIS and the ZIONISTS.

We purchase FRAUD from the FRS and get to then be MILITARY GOVERNED and call this the most modern civilized world in the world.

In a word, insane.  In two words for the FRS, criminally insane.

Where are the CURIOUS in our world of providing the highest intelligent news-information?]


  1. Goon Yellen Hollers FRAUD and we the people purchase this virtual so called 'money'. Computer entries calculated to profit the owner of the computer virtual debt, is what Americans are enslaved to and this is the Century of 21.

  2. Yellen and the gang of Federal Reserve System (FRS) SLOBS-BLOB Thuggery Criminally Insane sell United States' Citizens FRAUD for a very huge profit to them-they-those that own the FRS and ITS' owners.