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[UPDATE >> sidebar:  AN EMAIL AND FAX to be sent to Judge Pryor, Et Al.  RE:  The condition of Carol Shuler is the responsibility of those that are TORTURING her, and her husband, Roger.  How an attorney at law can bring this into 'what justice' the court system is truly not even a consideration.  The FEDERALIST SOCIETY needs to send medical examiners to the SHULERS, post haste.  No one has to tolerate the 'states' manufacturing of American zombies. ... to be continued ...

AT LEGAL SCHNAUZER'S 'BLOG' TO CAROL ON 3/21/2014 ~ Dear Carol,  Taking out the TRASH?  Do you think (not really thinking clearly these days) that Judge Pryor does not want a BLOGGER 'NOT' sending him a LETTER that indeed tells the story and why you're having this melt down. Should not be an arrogant dragon, Roger already did that and now we all have to do DAMAGE CONTROL. Because you as a named party want to play innocent victim.

TAKE OUT YOUR TRASH, FIRST.  That is the first step in true spirituality ... you clean up your own doorstep, then clean up others'.  IE, EG: THE FEDERALIST SOCIETY at least - the VERY LEAST - wants to have some credibility in the way that Roger and You have behaved.

I think our country needed to teach all the children better manners in delivering hate crimes and then not wanting to be accountable.

sidebar continued ...

Dear Judge Pryor and all the Justices in Robes that name their Society 'The Federalists''.

The blogger Roger Shuler (journalist via university education), is in jail in Alabama, as you know.  He took his blogging too far because he was driven to be a 'revolutionary' (after a fashion).  He was warned by others', those of we people who were also targets - IE EG CRYSTAL COX (and myself, in fact I've a case at this time in the United States District Court and the-these matter/s, are serious).

I've been contemplating writing the FEDERALIST SOCIETY, since this guild is where the top lawyers are joined together to be said, as, the most powerful protectors of our GOOD LAW.  That is, the U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights' are enlightened works of art, and we should not dishonor this great power in each of we people individually.  Of course the PREAMBLE and our right to join as a SOCIETY is also how we CONTRACT our civilized assembly of people/s.

ROGER SHULER didn't have any culture in the protocol of self-control.  He was given information via 'secret' and he used this powerful tool to hurt many people in Alabama.  I would bet he has also allowed many minds to stop the cognitive dissonance as to "what the hell is really going on!"

We live in a very incompetent country.  Not one of the so-called DEMOCRATIC SYSTEMS is functional.  Our SOCIETY has become not what the FOUNDERS' (in my research) wrote as our U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC form, rule of law - due process.

Roger and Carol Shuler (Shulers), worked for government, in reality.  Both.  That was brought to a screeching halt when government was sued in court for breaching contracts with the Shulers.  White, very white and thus, this situation is indeed one of complexity.

DON SIEGELMAN.  This situation began with the tragedy of what has happened for the former Governor of Alabama.

Thugs appear to be not able to be other than thugs.  KARL ROVE, is a definite question mark in the due process rule of law honor.

THUGS don't honor due process law, not the rule of law and certainly the spirit is to kill the law with the wrong letters.

Roger and Carol Shuler are not educated in the United States of America's Constitutional Republic or they would not be in the victim situation - of their also willing participation - they're in.  He's in jail and so is she, house arrest after a fashion.  She is the party in the COMPLAINT that was forcefully served on both Roger and Carol Shuler.  This is how DESPERATE AMERICA has become.

These two people prove we are a failure.  The terror inflicted in Carol and the broken safety protection for Roger, prove we're a failed nation state.

I've belabored how to address this situation.  Attempted 'blogging' at the site to keep IT up, so people can see how dangerous this time is in the reality of IT.  Too many haven't grasp the fact, that, we're digital commodities.

Every American.  Not one of U$ gets a pass in the department of hooked into the system of  digital computer entries sold as 'money'.

What we get are Carol Shuler and Roger Shuler who refuse to accept they must negotiate the contract breaches, all of the parties' continued breach in the contracts of decency for just one small reminder we're in the complete transparency of the Century 21.

Roger and Carol were not, and are not, O.K. with how the United States' of America dishonored their integrity as Citizens.

What appears here, is the USA has erupted into a very dangerous place to live for them.  IT is dangerous for all but, those that are the power of IT.

The USA was made into a MILITARY 'NATO' (HELLO POLICE STATE U$A), and the JURISPRUDENCE in my discovery is unfortunately 'bound' (a personal letter from Senior Justice OWEN M. PANNER, USDC MEDFORD OR, confirms my investigative discovery in the matter/s) to the system which isn't other than a transnational ownership somewhere on planet earth.

We the people purchase debt.  We pay interest on the debt.  Doubtful the FEDERALIST SOCIETY has the same contract arrangement with the Federal Reserve System, or ?? 'CREDIT' AGENT/S ?? !!!!

A conglomerate of entities, appear to be the owners' of the U.S. 'money'.  This complication-CORRUPTION-CONTAMINATION,  has caused too much TOXIC SHAME.

We are ashamed to be who we are, and the unnatural manufacturing to control our society is even more of a problem to solve in our not understanding the DOMINO EFFECT.

The example in earth at this time is the ONE BOY POLICY, CHINA.  That imbalance is serious.  Then the governments that all use every form imaginable to control 'society/ies'.

APARTHEID.  The court and the system of supposed 'checks and balances' has been manufactured into a very lucrative exchange of wealth.  Fraudulently inducing people into so called investing in a market that is free capitalism.  FRAUD.  We are learning the FRAUD is in such a monumental fathomless pit.

GENOCIDE, the pit is where we are seeing countless numbers of 'flesh' disappear.  Depopulation.  The SHULERS should not be considered disposable commodities.  Tragically, they were not taught how to be 'independent'.  That, in my reading of the FEDERALIST PAPERS is the fault of the system which was to be each and every 'citizen' as truly in high honor of our rule of law.

PLEASE, in closing for now, get THE SHULERS into the chambers where the contract breaches can be negotiated.  Our country needs to go forward here, we can't continue allowing this unbelievable demonstration of dishonor in our power to be FREE Americans.

ROGER SHULER'S INCOMPETENCE IN CULTURE isn't but, the reflection of our system of broken down Contracts - Preamble and U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights' and name all the laws that protect we people from this MILITARY GOV GLOBAL NATO.

Those that invest in the transnationals are those that reap the benefits, that is until the reality appears that proves there are other military in earth that aren't going to be investing in the system that doesn't honor due process, the rule of law.

Thank you.  The people of America need to be well-informed during this vital time of transition from the 'sole super power'.

Sincerely, NAME ON FAX [to (202) 296-8061]


Dear People,

I am truly beyond the patience of understanding why, why we do not address the critical mass tap root PROBLEM, that has contaminated the so called 'legal tribe', in America.

We can with the internet, actualize the enlightenment.  Digitally, and in every form therefore, virtual to 'real'.

Thank you,

Coyote Lane, Et Al (nom de plumes are allowed in the art of writing)


  1. Carol Shuler's MURPHY SCHNAUZER 'You Want To Mess With Me' SPIRIT, LETTER, RULE DUE PROCESS LAW is our truth

  2. Emails sent to prove there is a different torture in America, the kind which we all have been warned about. To be sent to prove the 'torture' has also, gone far enough already!