Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bush POTUS#43 Dictated Via SCOTUS#43, was-is-ever-to-be: NAZI EXCEPTIONALISM

George "AWOL" Bush head tripping as the "tip of the spear"... a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot
George “AWOL” Bush headtripping as the “tip of the spear”, a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot

Emerging Economic Markets to be Militarily Subdued

During the Clinton years, when Bill was not busy treating his cigars, a roomful of people, somewhere, decided that the emergence of Asia was going to have to be dealt with militarily. The defense policy on pre-emptive strikes was changed from its former requirement of only when an “impending strike was eminent” to the incredible, wide-open venue of “anyone that might become a threat at a future date”.

What the US had participated in hanging the Nazi generals for, waging an offensive war, we had codified as our official policy. And there was not a whimper of protest. No one even knew it had been done until years later, like me. 


  1. American Nazi Exceptionalism began with F.T. Bush Esq, Skull & Bones and the most vile evil rotten subterranean pieces of dung, European Union, Israel and Saudi Arabia, Sassoon Rothschilds, NY NY Rockefellers and name a human filth not involved in American Nazi Exceptionalism.

  2. Moron Poly Addicted Druggie, what to expect? What we got!

  3. What are all the attorneys going to do about NAZI USA?