Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Putin, Hollande to discuss Ukraine in Paris on June 5, 2014 | TROUBLE DOUBLE TOIL & BREWING | Kerry-Kohn, Bama-Sillery, Et Al

US to start $5bn anti-terrorist fund – Kerry

The US is setting up a $5 billion “terrorism partnership fund” to help other countries push back against radical extremists, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday. He told “CBS This Morning” that US foreign policy needs to reflect a “rapidly changing, more complex world where terrorism is the principal challenge.” In morning interviews, Kerry also defended President Barack Obama’s decision to terminate America’s combat role in Afghanistan by the end of the year, AP reported.

President Vladimir Putin will discuss the crisis in Ukraine at talks with French President Francois Hollande in Paris on June 5, the Kremlin said on Wednesday. The talks will take place in the French president’s Elysee Palace, Reuters stated. “On the evening of June 5… the presidents of the two countries will hold talks on fundamental international and bilateral issues, including the Ukraine crisis,” Yuri Ushakov, the Kremlin foreign policy aide, said. 

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.. to be continued ...]


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