Sunday, May 18, 2014

The old fox Henry Kissinger

wisely said:
Putin spent $60 billion on the Olympics. They had opening and closing ceremonies, trying to show Russia as a normal progressive state. So it isn’t possible that he, three days later, would voluntarily start an assault on Ukraine. There is no doubt that… at all times he wanted Ukraine in a subordinate position. And at all times, every senior Russian that I’ve ever met, including dissidents like Solzhenitsyn and Brodsky, looked at Ukraine as part of the Russian heritage. But I don’t think he had planned to bring it to a head now. 

However, Washington hawks decided to do whatever it takes to keep Russia out in the cold. They were afraid of this image of “a normal progressive state” as such Russia would render NATO irrelevant and undermine European dependence on the US. They were adamant about retaining their hegemony, shattered as it was by the Syrian confrontation. They attacked Russian positions in the Ukraine and arranged a violent coup, installing a viciously anti-Russian regime supported by football fans and neo-Nazis, paid for by Jewish oligarchs and American taxpayers. The victors banned the Russian language and prepared to void treaties with Russia regarding its Crimean naval base at Sebastopol on the Black Sea. This base was to become a great new NATO base, controlling the Black Sea and threatening Russia.

Putin would prefer to continue with his modernisation of Russia. The country needs it badly. The infrastructure lags twenty or thirty years behind the West. Tired by this backwardness, young Russians often prefer to move to the West, and this brain drain causes much damage to Russia while enriching the West. Even Google is a result of this brain drain, for Sergey Brin is a Russian immigrant as well. So are hundreds of thousands of Russian scientists and artists manning every Western lab, theatre and orchestra. Political liberalisation is not enough: the young people want good roads, good schools and a quality of life comparable to the West. This is what Putin intends to deliver.

He is doing fine. Moscow now has free bikes and Wi-Fi in the parks like every Western European city. Trains have been upgraded. Hundreds of thousands of apartments are being built, even more than during the Soviet era. Salaries and pensions have increased seven-to-tenfold in the past decade. Russia is still shabby, but it is on the right track. Putin wants to continue with modernisation.

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How this looks like to a fine artist -- the color of yellow is not yellow and the red and blue don't make purple.  Conservative is a word that was made up.  So is the name of the COLOR RED.  Red isn't red maybe, and then what colors are the names of what appear to be colors ?

The United States of America put the COURT SYSTEM into a GULAG.  That was not the idea of what the LAW was meant to be.  IT was and is, an APARTHEID.  The CRIMINAL FRAUD is a tap root rot and the decay is the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, "SCOTUS".  People in America were made to think like backwards, too, just as Russians.  Where don't the INTERNATIONAL 'BANK$' make a gulag to make human slaves?

Please, we can either nuke the earth again, like so many times before, or we can follow new leaders that aren't criminally insane to the point of never being redeemed.  Question is:  What do we do with the criminally insane that are known  in America as those who stole HOMES and called the SUPER PIRATING "FREE MARKET CAPITALISM CRA$H"?

Can we count our ten fingers and toes, still?

Then we can do the best of our verve!

NOT, NADA, NO NO NO KISSINGER & ASSOCIATES, THIRD GENERATIONS' to do what has been done for way too long and the American 'society' isn't but, a failed system of DIGITAL FRAUD.  Time to not act as stupid as Kissinger & Associates, no further experiment of ignorance is necessary.


We all have NEED$ & WANT$.  This time in earth's rotation breathing the atmosphere absent the chemicals poisoning all to death, WE ALL need to put this cult of criminally insane into a place where they can no longer harm selves and the whole world earth.

.. to be continued ...]

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  1. America got used. The abuse is obviously by the INTERNATIONAL 'BANK$'. There is no money except the 'ideology' is made-up. Those that make-up this CRIMINAL FRAUD call IT "The Haves'" FEDERAL CREDIT. Make a FEDERALIST SOCIETY, choose lots of Paedophilia Cultists to dress in robes and call the colonialism "United States District Courts". Not O.K.