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Robert Grundstein | "What A Guy" | Fawkes | Vendetta | Chapter 2, Extradition and the Great Writ | Habeas Corpus | Chapter 3, Crimes of Race | "Vexatious Litigant" | J. Lillian devezin Greene | Chapter 4, Celebrezzes and Plagiarized Papers

 J. Lillian Devezin Greene:  "The Vexatious Litigant"


On this day: the "Gunpowder Plot"

31 gennaio
1606 – Guy Fawkes (Pseudonym John Johnson), British military, involved in the so-called The Gunpowder Plot   ...  36 barrels containing 2500 kg of gunpowder

[sidebar(a):   Robert Grundstein is an attorney at law,  as a matter of fact, Robert Grundstein is a member of a family that is indeed a MEMBER IN THE AMERICAN PILLAR OF GREATER SOCIETY Mr. Robert Grundstein represented his mother's estate in the State of Ohio.  His story is the story that every American needs to read.

First, we can learn first hand from an ATTORNEY-AT-LAW how the BROKEN SYSTEM can be witnessed and is witnessed, from one of the FAMILIES in AMERICA that TRUSTED the system which is indeed broken and can't be fixed.


FATHER GRUNDSTEIN:  He was a professor of law and advanced management.  His credentials included a JD from George Washington University and a PhD in Public Administration.  He was a distinguished intellect, author and philosopher.  He also was among the first in the country to develop black executives when the stigma against the colored people was an active convention ...

MOTHER GRUNDSTEIN:  In 2000, Father Grundstein passed and Mother Grundstein consigned some of the more valuable 'possessions' with Wolf's Gallery Inc.  The old library in Cleveland, Ohio, is where the home of Father and Mother Grundstein lived (CLEVELAND HEIGHTS).


"The Great Writ", historical roots "Magna Carta"

"the law of the land" ... "no free man shall be taken or imprisoned or disseised or exiled or in any way destroyed except by the lawful judgment of their peers or by the law of the land"

Page 9,

What's this'.  You got a "No Bill" from the Grand Jury.  (Only about 4% of all parties before a Grand Jury get a "No Bill").

Page 10, 11

Writs represent something very important about the American legal system.  There are many writs in addition to Habeas Corpus.  They include:


Writs are Equitable in nature and ask an authority to remember and apply a culture of ethical and moral thought of which the written law is just evidence.  "Equity follows the law" is a phrase which expresses the duty of judges to recognize that they must interpret the law in a manner consistent with our ethical, moral and Constitutional culture.  The culture and jurisprudence of a legal system is more important than the unexamined application of its written laws.  "Summum jus. summa injuria"; which basically means un-interpreted, written law only provides injury.  Extreme right makes extreme injury.

Page 17,

I decided on a novel strategy to pierce the corporate veil ...


Ohio has one of the most protective standards for piercing the corporate veil ...


My original filing was assigned to J. Nancy Margaret Russo ...


The case was re-assigned to J. Lillian Devezin Greene.


... Tracy was styling, she knew she was good looking and in charge of what was perceived to be, (in the past), a responsible and cerebral enterprise.  Every time she spoke, she smiled in appreciation of what she just said.  It was like an administrative version of "The Cosby Show" or "Moesha".

"Well, Mr. Grundstein, we feel you should plan on appealing this case".

What does she mean "appeal"?  I just won an appeal.  The case is two years old.  I want my Mom's money. 


"Ms. Gonzalez, I don't understand, the case has just been remanded to J. Green.  Is she available today"?



Jurisdiction is an idea, or accumulation of several ideas, on which all attorneys and courts rely every day, but which is incompletely understood and underestimated.  It has three forms, all of which must be met for a court to hear a case. 


Lillian proved she was better adapted working as a tunnel support in a construction project than as someone who exercises judgment in support of the social contract.

Chapter 4, Celebrezzes and Plagiarized Papers

... to be continued ....


  1. I went through this page, I see a book name a womans face and still have no summary of what any of this is about...........A mother a father, names, and no story even a one paragraph summary of what this is about would be best. I am completely lost on this !!

  2. So, I went on my own to hunt the story so here are some court documents on this matter: an then:On October 2, 2006, pro se plaintiff Robert Grundstein filed this action under the
    Declaratory Judgment Act, 28 U.S.C. § 2201 against the State of Ohio and Cuyahoga County
    Common Pleas Court Judge Lillian Greene. In the complaint, plaintiff challenges the
    constitutionality of Ohio’s vexatious litigant statute, OHIO REV.CODE § 2323.52, both on its face
    and as it is applied to him. He seeks injunctive relief. There is a good summary right from this case file. OPEN PUBLIC RECORDS