Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Michelle Obama urges high schoolers to monitor their families' politically incorrect thoughts


[sidebar:  Students, my husband is not only a FRAUD, he is a sold out complete freak of nature.  We aren't actually married as a couple, he is first in lust with his men that did the CABINET-CABIN boy thang on IT.  He is very confused from all the drugs he is given to keep him as a pet slave.

Do NOT go into the world and do what we've done:  lie, cheat, steal, kill.  We're a failed nation state because my husband is a FRAUD and he sold us down the river like the blacks sold their own down the river, too.  APARTHEID that is what we stand for, the man that pretends to be Barack Obama.

See how high in the air his ass is bowing to the Saudi Arabian sicko world!  They paid for his DEGREE from Harvard so he owes them big time and he is paying on his promises.  Lots of wars in the Middle East to keep his big ass bowing up to those KINGS that keep their women as pet slaves.

I'm all about the pet slavery, I'm one.  I've been redone to the point of here I am, Holly Wood Sorcery and Witch Forever and Ever!

I'm not a pretty woman, cosmetic surgery made me better than I was.  Barry was a CIA whore and he doesn't do anything absent his complete insatiable lust for power fulfilled.  He meant what he said about killing.

John F. Kennedy JR., announces he is going to run for President of the United States of America.  Next stop, dead his wife, her sister and him, RITUAL MURDER the forensics prove.

When the so called ROYAL FAMILY MURDERED PRINCESS DIANA, the dead soul of the "United Kingdom" is not going to go away, until the dead souls of Dodi and Diana are beloveds restored in earth.

Either do what we're told or we get dead.  Lesser evil is to be the evil that the evil want us to be and others' get to be dead, and we get to be paid for killing and given very powerful positions to do whatever we want, as long as the machine that owns us agrees.



ANGRY.  I am angry and so is Barry Obama.  We were made into experiments.  The ones that did this now have to pay us billions and we get to do now, to the whole world, what was done to us.  PROUD to be a failed experiment in the universe I'm Michelle Obama.

to be continued ...]


  1. The OBAMA Presidency is going to turn out far worse than the CLINTON failed ABOMINATION