Friday, May 16, 2014


1966, Vietnamese Decided By the United States Army to be "Communists"

"NAPALM GIRL", Vietnam

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was right when he gave us the singularly most important message from the most violent Century in the History of Mankind: “Either we learn to live together as brothers and sisters on this planet or we will perish together as fools.”
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes were right when they told us:
“Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed, no more backward thinking,
Time for thinking ahead. The world has changed so very much
From what it used to be, there is so much Hatred, War and Poverty.
The World won’t get no better, if we just let it be.
We got to change it boy. Just you and me!"

Now is NOT THE TIME sink into the “Quick Sand” of “Vain Regret” and “Reaction” with a “Paralysis of Analysis;” IT IS TIME for us to become people of “Conscience, Compassion and Mercy” to move swiftly and “Proactively” NOW!


We have been given a LAST CHANCE by the “Creator” to rescue His our unique Planet and its People from “Certain Annihilation” by what I call “The New American Century Crowd” that is stampeding ALL LIFE on our once “Emerald Planet” to certain destruction. As Tom Heneghan has told us, “There is nothing we have said in any of our reports that is NOT VERIFIABLE by anyone willing to spend a few hours in a Public Library or on the Internet.”

The fact is that the NEED to make the use of the DINAR as “originally proposed by Christine La Garde of the IMF and Jack Lew, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America, is what we must do to pull ourselves back from the Abyss. We do not need to “Afflict our Planet and its people with the “Jonestown Cool Aid” that “The Wicked 1% has been brewing for us for the last twenty (20) years in particular to:

  • Wipe Out All life on this planet BUT for 300,000 selected families of the “Wealthy Few” while destroying all of the rest of us.
  • To “Deliberately” initiate a “Nuclear War”.
  • We can RESTORE the BALANCE between the SUPPLY of Goods and Services AND DEMAND for the same through the application of the Comprehensive Package of “Green Technologies” with which our Space Scientists over the past more than fifty (50) years have Blessed us uniquely on the planet in what I call “The Dubai Model” that has been shown to work so magnificently as envisioned by two (2) VISIONARY Space Age Gifts with whom God has blessed us: DEAN PRICE and ELAN MUSK. For “Just Such a Time As this,” our Space Scientists have identified for us “One Million Villages” on the planet where billions of “Wretchedly Poor and now “Desperate Middle Class” Human Beings now live. We can in fact provide All Human Beings of the Planet with “Adequate and Secure Income, Education, Healthcare, Affordable Housing and both “Environmental Justice” and Justice for all of us. It has been done in Dubai! We can do it in those One Million Villages “If We Put our Hearts and Minds To It!”




With the United Nations Millennium Challenge Goal as the Framework and Timetable for our Action, we can SATISFY the compelling need that we have to RESCUE All of Mankind from the DIABOLIC PLOT for CERTAIN ANNIHILATION planned for us BY USING the DINAR as originally proposed by the IMF and the U.S. Treasurer and NOT for the Exclusive Benefit of the Elite Families who are moving now to deny the billions of their fellow human beings this marvelous solution to both our Environmental Protection and Human Survival Needs.


Envision if you will for me, The Completion of both the “Land Bridge Across the Bering Strait” in the next five years AND the AFRICAN CONTINENTAL TOLL ROAD NETWORK (ACTRN) of Dr. William E.B. Dubois, Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey, Julius Nyerere and John Garang.
The Construction as proposed by The Heads of State of Russia, China and the United States of America just prior to the so called “Arab Spring” that will CONNECT ALL SEVEN (7) CONTINENTS of our planet into that single “Cost Efficient” and “Time-Saving” “LAND-BASED WORLD TRADE ROUTE” envisioned by Human Beings For Thousands of Years with The Completion of the Legendary “Silk Road” traversing the entire globe.


Let us now, as “Technically Competent” and “Spiritually Mature” people of Conscience, Compassion and Mercy, move forthrightly NOW to make the benefits of the DINAR available NOT JUST to the WEALTHY FEW on our world but also to Billions of our Fellow Creatures who will rejoice when the Plans of Dean Price and Elan Musk expand the UNIVERSE into INFINITY.

We can do this when we appeal to the “Spiritually Mature” Leadership of China and Russia “TO BUY UP ALL of the Available DINARS” in the world as was the original plan of the IMF and the U.S. Treasurer, and to do it and to DEPLOY THEM THIS WEEK on All Seven Continents of our Planet.

To pull us ALL back from the ABYSS towards which we are otherwise headed this week -


In the words of the “The Temptations,” Let’s:

“Keep On Pushing. Don’t Stop Now. You Know We’re Going to

Make it Some Way, Some How.”

[sidebar:  There is a social contract, the PREAMBLE, too.  MISSOURI folks, who I've personally lived with in the 1960s, as the Vietnam War was raging on and on and here we are.  The man in the video is an American.  There are Americans that have been made into this kind of an American and then there are Americans not as "EXTREME" as this highly passionately committed Minister Missouri Military Man.  A balance in our United States may be one of those physical realities, after all.  Thinking where the energy is most 'corrupt', where isn't the energy most corrupt now, that's the real question.  LOOK at the places where the most out of control is out of control:  Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon AND heinous social programming of bent humans.  See how the commodities markets work in the PONZI CRIMINALLY INSANE GLOBALISTS'.  That's the clue.  Where did the human experiment become most contaminated?  New York?  Certainly.  And then Washington, District of Columbia.  Lots of corrupted and contaminated beyond fixing there.  Nevada, Las Vegas.  Golly-gosh-gee where do we find liberty absent the ideology of there are no boundaries to be practiced or honored, weeeeee we all are mark-to-market so act like this very moment is all there really is.  Let's all join Mr. Kissinger in his journey away from earth, he wants the world to be dead with him and his 'wife', Nancy.

Heinz and Nancy Kissinger
"KISSINGER'S MINDER", The man is and has been and forever shall be, drooling at mass murdering and the Americans to die with him as he does die, then the more he wants to go into the unseen with and then he'll be satisfied?


  1. Spending time not earning real knowledge is akimbo to never understanding why earth decides to change all the natural realities when the time is critical mass insanity.

  2. Not discovering the mystery of life while journeying earth is a waste! We must paradigm shift our collective imaginations' non-mass murderers!