Monday, May 12, 2014

Voo Doo YaHu Givin US The Runaround [1 Pub 11/28/13]

Netty still given US the runaround, given US the runaround

Gonna Voo Doo Your Coo Coo Netty still given US the runaround

Clown hear inside your head all you do do doo doo Voo Doo Your Coo Coo YaHu

Given US the runaround still given US the runaround

Revolution abound astound You're being given Your own runaround

Mantra screaming brain chemistry drain same ole stuffing inside Your runaround

Still born Metzitzah b'peh Your runaround

Voo Doo You YaHu and all the mental film blinded in the dark room

Coyote Howlin too YaHu see You In Voo Doo Sleep Walkin In To You You & Absolutely Clean Through Your Runaround

Given U$ the runaround, given U$ the runaround, night time - day time - dream/$ nightmare/$ are all around in the runaround  1pub 2013, c rkelly

>> <<  how to ALCHEMY 'runaround' & all criminally insane 'plantations' 


  1. Voo Doo the Coo Coo before the YaHu blows up the world & REVOLUTION the runaround

  2. Trust What Yahoo ! Your words 1000 worth the picture you are such a runaround yea, turnaround the words you King of Jews Self Proclaimed Yahu