Wednesday, May 28, 2014

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS | Oregon, Washington | BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY [B.A.R.] | Robert J. Bryan | Robert Grundstein | Owen M. Panner, ET AL 

Robert J. Bryan

WSBA Number: 2134
Admit Date: 03/05/1959
Member Status: Judicial
Public/Mailing Address: US District Court 1717 Pacific Ave Rm 4427
Tacoma, WA  98402-3224
United States
Phone: (253) 882-3870
Fax: (253) 882-3871

Dear Justice Robert J. Bryan:


Because you and I, didn't integrate the whole truth when we were in the CONTRACT RESOLUTION:  didn't fully honor the due process law, I am sending this up-dated Email (forwarded to you and copied to those already sent to).

Yours' and Justice Panner's 'oath$' to the U$DC is an APARTHEID.  Competition between an oath to the U.S. Constitution and excessive expansion through not passing the Constitutional Muster, has brought the point to where, Mr. Robert Grundstein is suing the WASHINGTON STATE B.A.R.  I concur and would choose to join him in the matter of suing the WA B.A.R.  You understand my full intention in getting the attention of the USA's "Jurisprudence"/$ full attention before the "Neo-Cons" do exactly what the training has been absolutely proven to be.

I am not O.K. with any weapon that is pointed at the USA, not from Israel.  Not from wherever the missing nukes have been stashed for the lesson GOLDMAN SACHS' BLANKENFEIN promised, either.  And, not from the Project for a New American Century Cons, promised "what's a nuke for ...", as real NAZI$ we know now from the same actions as the past history repeating in the now.

Please read Mr. Grundstein's book.  I was completely honored to.  I am working on an ongoing book report after a fashion.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to SETTLING my cases.  Please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Sent: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 9:19 AM
Subject: TO: OWEN M. PANNER, USDC SR JUSTICE, ET AL | RE: COLLAPSING in the SUPER POWER STATUS | June, 2014 through October 2014, and through 2015, perhaps?

Hon Owen M Panner
Bar Number  500876
Status  Inactive
Admit Date  9/18/1950
Phone  541 608-8760

Dear Owen M. Panner, Et Al,

My reading has discovered the ATTORNEYS in the United States, were not and are not, actually practicing the United States Constitutional 'law'.  How could that happen?

MONEY is the problem.  Most especially, as you know-understand Justice Panner, CONTRACTS since the SILK ROAD, have been about money and how to exchange the goods, and other bounties of imagination that are born while living in earth.  I think from first-hand experience, that the Chinese and the Russians were definitely partners for quite some time, in the learning how the Super-Power USA operates the global monopoly of FIAT 'trade-exchange'.  Once the lessons were learned, then the lessons for the CRIMINAL FRAUDSTERS began, too.

Tim Geithner was laughed out of the auditorium in a university, in China, that was filled with students.  Geithner thought that the Federal Reserve System [Fed], the International Monetary Fund [IMF], Et Al, had captured the Chinese market.  It was all in a book:  PREDATORY BENDER, about how the dirt shacks in China were targets for the WALL STREET DEBT CON.

The system failed, Justice Panner and that's always how system/s fail/s - in nations:  APARTHEID.  As I said to you more often than I can count now, Sir, INNS' OF COURT, Et Al (IE EG, the BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY [B.A.R.]) are worse than the SOUTH AFRICAN APARTHEID.  The U.S. Constitution in the Century Twenty and Nineteen, and especially in the AUGHTS /21, should not be as sinister as the Middle Ages.

DIVEST THE COURT SYSTEM, EVERY INNS' OF COURTS, AND B.A.R., ET AL, ET CETERA, of the CRIMINAL FRAUD of digital debt sold as credit and so-on.

Thank you,
to be continued 

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  1. MORAL CONTRACT, SYSTEM: CHECKS & BALANCES? NO! CRIMINAL FRAUD a Racket, Global the profits aren't seen in America, not since the U.S. Constitution was DECIDED to be, other than FOR-TO-OF THE PEOPLE!