Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jim Rogers: Giants ditching dollar over US foreign policies

KISSINGER & ASSOCIATES thank this Third Generation of Metzitzah B'peh practitioners of the OLD TESTAMENT's Apartheid, Genocide, for all but, them.


  1. KISSINGER & ASSOCIATES & Third Generation Metzitzah B'peh practitioners that can't tie their shoelaces even, what can we expect! The shit hit and the fan is blowing on all US due to their criminally insane agendas. Time to HANG 'EM HIGH? Best tell them IT is over so they can try to run and hide with all their SPY operation to find them easily.

  2. Hillary Clinton is criminally insane. Bill Rockefeller Clinton is a criminally insane Rockefeller and that cultist clan of criminally insane are beyond redemption. Vladimir PUTIN is the MAN whose TIME has arrived! He isn't going to let the criminally insane keep destroying the planet earth and our own species' Homo Sapiens. THANK GOD!