Saturday, May 24, 2014

MON$ANTO | GMO$ | Oregon$tate | GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM$ | Sit-sit, Walk-walk, God’s Sake Don’t Wobble


Unfathomable ears and minds,

our receptors of the world earth womb$ impregnated, birthing imagination$' artificial consumer$ powerle$$ne$$

We're in the DEREGULATION, Business Bush Sr. POTUS' decided, too, EXPERIMENTATION NAZI GERMANY, $TALIN$' renamed

and that's the gist of our Project for this Newly Failed

Growing lot$ mutant$ - imbecile$ - moron$, illusionDelusion$ and confusion$ high gain$ life'$ gambling, NIGHTMARE$ GHETTO HELL colony vassal

America hysterically historically lie$, monumental failure free market$ globalization new god order earth's answer$, democratic United (DENIAL SUPREME UNCONSCIOUSNESS) Slaughters' and slaughterhouses' Old Lady


Of Thread-Needle Street, IT started ITS' technology/ies $uper-pirate$ credit-debt, Money Criminal Fraud Market-Marked

Ryan Alan Wilson, Artist Pen, Ink, Mixed Mediums

Wounded the BEAST can, not
be tamed unutterable chaos reaching critical mass,
into sinister perpetuity debt SATANIC

Up-up trickle flows, down
to the masses from above master and,
slave relationship continues dividing species'

Same but lies hypnotize, fry
our brains the poisons get labeled too,
GMO OryGone

Swan Song Bye-Bye, Gray
matter in our head shrunken dead on,
arrival the sale sells slow

DEMENTIA one toxic loss, BRAIN bleeding organ necessary as the mind's cradled,
$pirit$ losing subtle too gross MONSANTO'S' Genetic Killer Machine, Global gets stopped except in NAZI Apartheid-Genocide, USA beginning was

Not good and therefore, middle and end a nope for playing around, Einstein’s warning dice and God

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: PRAYER ROPE, message
given more than from him and leaving,
GODLESS 'MeriKKA for Mother Russia

 HUMAN/$ (?) distractions to confuse compass
immoral ENDOCRINE poisoning deathless-death KITZHABER, Medical Doctor that does not Know !?

PLEASE use-abuse and, murder
dressers uppers at the Vatican and then,
Metzitzah b'peh paedophilia cultists

Sacrificial Robed Gavel Tyrants Global
ritualistic RICO Wobble for
God's sake pure innocence, walk

Wiggle stumble-fall anti-theist
sit and sit and walk talk do
faith ignorance in upside-down

Tolstoy’s Kingdom of God’s, Within
translating from Russian scary surrendering about face,
devils and demons and superstitions

  ENERGY tints-shades full color/s
then there’s the alchemy balancing darkness,
speeds of lights in full

spectrum damage isn't, acceptable
braiding the prayer rope time to accept inevitably,
Vanga saw lights' Clarion Call
c rkelly 5/23/14

.. tbc ...]

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  1. Oregon State, America the United States' of Genetically Modified and Gender Bent and Anything BUT, Nature's Law in the Universe of Reality