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Internet 2 Corporate Governance | George Soros DUMPS "BANKING" | 'World moving away from American financial hegemony'

James Hall, 5/21/14
Internet 2 Corporate Governance
With the FCC policy to allow a two-speed internet, the die is cast that corporate favoritism is the focus of government, as Internet 2 accelerates to replace the network that has served the public so well for decades. Internet 2 turns 15, asks. Has it delivered on its promise?
"Internet 2 was created by 34 university research institutions in 1996, when the commercial and non-commercial branches of the Internet's evolutionary tree split off and went their separate ways. The mission of Internet 2 was to provide reliable, dedicated bandwidth to support the ever-growing demands of the research and educational communities, and in doing so, to develop technologies that would advance the state of the 'commodity' Internet."
As major ventures like the 16 Major Technology Companies Announce Cloud Service Partnerships to Benefit the Nation's Universities, collaborate to control and store the data stream certainly benefits the corporatist economy, but significantly reduces if not eliminates the independence of personal choices on the web. Make no mistake about it, the big tech giants are so deep in bed with government dominance freaks, that advancing opportunities for constructive commerce would be a mere byproduct to the new system.

Can two different internet platform steams coexist? Do not confuse the rise of the "Social Internet" with the higher speed gateway IN2 interconnect. Intra academic connect-ability is poised to include the next generation of corporate affiliations. With this association, the quaint notion of academic freedom will never pass the algorithm test.

The recent EU Court Decision in Google Search Info Removal Case Appalls Analysts article is a warning of restrictions to come.
"A court decision in the European Union that could force Google to remove offensive information in searches at the request of individuals is receiving harsh criticism from IT analysts who say that such a policy could ultimately diffuse the credibility of the Internet itself."
In an Internet 2 environment, the influence of government lawmakers, agencies and courts will be far more prevalent then the experience that seldom blocked "Politically Incorrect" results. Any surfer of the search engines knows that restricting, and even eliminating, content once freely accessed, has become routine. Today a Google search (both text and images) provides sites that restrict outcomes that were once available. Imagine the greater degree of limitations under a supervised bureaucratic culture that relegates critical conclusions of the governance society under Internet 2.

Whenever the corporatists see the prospects to carve out, more efficient monopolies, they seize the opportunity. The deist’s that idolize the synergism partnership of the corporate-state, play into the hands of the non-compete economy. 

Townhall the NeoCon publication maintains a political partisan position in the article, Neutrality Nuts Won't Be Happy Until Government Controls the Internet. Author Phil Kerpen criticizes the Free Press opposition to the FCC endorsement of a paid priority internet.
"Together we'll dance, drum and shout that the agency must throw out its destructive plan and reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service. This is the only way to restore real Net Neutrality."
"Restore" is an odd word choice, because the reclassification of broadband Internet as a Title II telecommunications service, also known, ironically, as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), would bring about total government economic control on the Internet that has never previously existed."
Now where do you suppose the corporatist will come down on greater regulation? Yep, you guessed it! When you write the legislation and dominate the lobbying of regulators, squeezing out the upstarts or free market entrepreneurs, is right up your alley.

Assigning utility status to the Internet, especially when the U.S. is on the path to turn over administration of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), to international control, is another step to total global Corporatocracy.
The introduction of an Internet 2 connection will foster requirements for playing in the sandbox of the tech titans. Opine all you want, the need for speed comes at a great price, far more than just financial changes. A mobile world of ads and trivia breeds functional illiterates. Texting is not a skill, but a curse.

Burying an uncensored internet is the goal that corporate governance wants. Their draconian design for an OpenID Connect may usher in a new era of federated online identity, is part of the Internet 2 wish list.
"Here's the nut of this issue: governments need ways to authenticate the growing numbers of citizens going online to access digital services. Around the globe, hundreds of millions of people want digital services, increasingly provided through connected mobile devices. For instance, just think about renewing a driver's license or passport, reserving space in public parks, or accessing records.

Driven by policy needs and political realities, the Obama administration put forward a National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) in 2011 that adopted a federated approach to online identity, enabling people to use a validated identity from a private entity to identify themselves to government. Governments verify and validate identity providers under trust frameworks. After years of development, NSTIC pilots for federated identity are now being tested in Michigan and Pennsylvania, along with other locales and agencies."
After inducing the public into accepting the promises of anytime video steaming, the Internet 2 future will suck in the instant gratification set, while relegating the cost conscience consumer into a second-class existence. Once critical mass is established, and the package of greater government regulation is in place, the plug is ready for pulling free expressive content at will. When DAPRA funded the research that developed the crucial internet protocols, and CERN contributed to making information exchange more efficient, the world was not able to demand a digital identity for every inhabitant. 
So much of world commerce, now conducted on the internet, necessitates that the corporate elites want their government agents to safeguard their financial interests, often at the sacrifice of personal liberty. Hence, the overwhelming need for balance at every stage of transition in the Internet, so that individual rights are as protected for the public as for business.  >>


Soros Dumps All His Shares Of Citigroup, Bank of America & JP Morgan

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Soros Dumps All His Shares Of Citigroup, Bank of America & JP Morgan

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Soros Dumps All His Shares Of Citigroup, Bank of America & JP Morgan

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) is greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping before the opening ceremony at the Expo Center at the fourth Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) summit in Shanghai on May 21, 2014. (AFP Photo / Mark Ralston)
 'World moving away from American financial hegemony'
RT: A number of Western businesspeople have boycotted the St. Petersburg economic forum. Are they going to lose out?
May 22, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) is greeted by Chinese President Xi Jinping before the opening ceremony at the Expo Center at the fourth Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) summit in Shanghai on May 21, 2014. (AFP Photo / Mark Ralston)

With the China-Russia deal conducted outside the dollar system we see the beginning of the de-dollarization and de-Americanization of the world, former assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts told RT.

[Sidebar:  Americans.  Unique.  Made-Up, A Manufactured AGENDA.  Killed the Indians in a GENOCIDE that is very clearly and globally known.

Then the PIRATES from the COVE in ENGLAND, came back to America and decided to OWN, the STATES:  VIRGINIA & CALIFORNIA.

Queen Elizabeth sent her AGENTS, then, too, as JOHN KOHN KERRY gets to be the Agent in these most interesting times.

Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake.  And, QUEEN PIRATE she was actually named:  "Elizabeth daughter of Henry VIII".  FIRST CAPITALIST and going very strong today, known as the SUPERPIRATES!

AND, and we can know WHY?!  YES, when we think and read and write.

AMERICANS.  Unique.  As Obama said, 'exceptional'.  What is exceptionally unique is that the American population was brainwashed into very dumb and poisoned 'animals'.

There is only the George Soros now, that can be TRUSTED?  Oh My God.  What about the Rockefeller TRUST?

Americans were tricked.  Tricked into thinking the GENOCIDE of the Indians didn't really matter.

The matter is this.  Matter is matter.  Subtle isn't but subtle.  We are all matter and subtle ENERGY, and that is the TRUST we can 'bank' on.

All else is IMAGINATION.  When the imagination gets contaminated as in the case of the OBAMAS and the other POTUSES, as well, the SCOTUSES, FLOTUSES, COTUSES, ET AL, the separation from our own species is an APARTHEID.  The new internet model is obviously an APARTHEID.

America wasn't the enlightenment, that was a play, an act.  Shakespeare already wrote the plays that have now proven the USA wasn't, but, an experiment.

FUNNY MONEY.  Shakespeare was sought and not killed, because his plays were also sent to other countries for the PROGRAMMING of those so called 'leaders' before the same ole story, that bell ringing tells tales told forever.

China and Russia dumped the WEST.  They don't say EUROPE because that body of people land mass still has lots of humans to get signed up for the DIGITAL FRAUD!  Readying to be everywhere all the time in the outed truth that this time has reality shock, the ticker sticker is HIGH STAKES.

GAME ON.  We have the EAST and the WEST.  This is a very important time in the earth's revolution of historical pivots.  CREDIT CARD debt as money was to be a shared phenomenon.  But, the WEST didn't and doesn't want to play like the EAST has been around on the earth as long as the others'.

HUMAN BEINGS EARTHLINGS all have names, the names belong to the owners that charge money for humans to live in the earth's 'reality' of nature.

Nature didn't make up credit debt.  Nature didn't make up money.  QUEEN PIRATE and ITS' ILK, made up money, at least HENRY VIII did the bankruptcy act and then Queen Elizabeth his daughter fixed the Axed BK England.

Took and shaved off the gold, made another piece of coin, called it a half penny.

Clever that QUEEN PIRATE.  Today the TOADIES aren't as well protected by the SEA and so the AIR was how the new order got to take over.


The Magic Show must go on.

China and Russia refused to be part of the England, Israel, Saudi, USA Gulag.  Not without the MAJOR SHARE$ of their 'people'.  How to win the people?  BEN BERNANKE threw paper toilet paper from helicopters to allow the people to have enough butt wipe as the anatomy reality of getting sold as a commodity, flushed into the SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY.

Humanity has awakened despite the poisons.  The horror is, Americans' weren't an American 'people'.  The EXPERIMENT has failed:  How to fool as many humans as can be, call the activity IMMIGRATION, and then experiment on the poor species' until there is only protoplasm blubbering or the poor species wouldn't labor to buy debt from the most criminally insane of the 'species?'

BEGS THE QUESTION:  Not American, and not human?  What is the SOROS' 'breed of species' that worships the ideology of artificiality above the reality of nature?!
In her autobiography, All In the Day’s Work (published in 1939), Tarbell remarked on the Standard Oil Company:  I never had an animus against their size and wealth, never objected to their corporate form. I was willing that they should combine and grow as big and rich as they could, but only by legitimate means. But they had never played fair, and that ruined their greatness for me>><<
GEORGE is a name of a King.  The Georges like to think their name got chosen because maybe, just maybe they be the KING.  King of what?  Earth has nature and nature births infinite forms' of 'species''.

Then the humans get thinking to write 'names' means that the 'names' are the humans that get to 'decide'.

The times weren't as stupid, until the WORLD WARS began accelerating what we can now prove to be a very failed human experience in the earth.

Do the Chinese and Russians have the answer?

Best TRUST new leadership since the poly-addicted poisoned to death criminally insane DRONE bots aren't other than what IT is and not to be a future traded commodity since SOROS' flushed his digital commodities with the poisons that are in the skies, and then the poor POTUS that has never actually lived the life he says that he was and is.

THE SO CALLED 'AMERICA' has to figure out what that label means.  Does the label mean the enlightenment?  No, not hardly, ask the prison population and the poor ghetto population and the immigration population and then, ask the GOVERNMENT what the hell does the label define?

SOROS' dumping his investments.  His bet in the WAR CRIMINALS' WAR CRIMES' all get flushed.  Not a ROYAL one?  And, and flushing the evidence into the toilet after wiping with the PAPER 'FIAT' so called "MONEY" that was sold to the so called 'Americans'?!

Goldman Sachs owns the credit scoring business.  Americans have to pay to get a credit score report, and also Americans have to pay for the credit that gets made-up on a virtual machine somewhere, Americans aren't in the know of anything that has to do with the AMERICAN 'MONEY'.

Why the Chinese and Russians dumped the CRIMINAL FRAUD and why SOROS' is dumping, too. 

AND TIME TO DUMP THE INTERNET.  There are much better ways to spend the short time the earthling gets to discover what is, earth life.

.. to be continued ...]
Soros Dumps All His Shares Of Citigroup, Bank of America & JP Morgan - See more at:


  1. DUMP SOROS' DUMP & THE USA INTERNET TOO! New offers from the higher civilized thinking is a choice to be trusted!