Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jan Simonds, Senior Investigator (ATG) | Fri 2/28/2014 | CCTN 263478

  • Jan Simonds, Senior Investigator, Washington State Attorney General’s Office, 800 5th Avenue Suite 2000, Seattle, WA 98104
  • Title at the property is not encumbered via A) so-called 'lien'.
  • FRAUD, Washington Mutual FRAUD discovered in the bankruptcy filed via same (IE Wamu) has been authenticated.
  • Therefore, "a property preservation company hired by a mortgage servicer" is CRIMINAL TRESPASS and CRIMINAL FRAUD.
  • The property/house has NEVER been abandoned and in fact QUIET TITLE was filed and because the COURT SYSTEM is corrupt, there is a COMPLAINT number, personally telephoned and given to me, an investigation was-IS? ongoing.
  • URL link you provided is much appreciated, however, there is a serious contradiction in what simple contract represents in the law.
  • IE the PROPERTY TITLE can't be produced in its' authenticity as an instrument to secure the REAL PROPERTY.
  • There was NEVER meant to be a title security 'loan' (money), the digital fraud isn't money.
  • U.S. Constitution and our genuine form of government does NOT frustrate me one iota.
  • THE OCCUPATION is FASCISM-COMMUNISM digital fraud salaries are paid to destroy the reality of what our GOVERNMENT really and truly is.
  • EG COMMISSIONERS, National Association of Counties, under oath to the U.S. Constitution, however, do not appear to be withholding that oath as an honor   ?
  • Can't access the power of jurisdiction in the COUNTY where the FRAUD is at such a CRIMINAL ACCELERATION
  • Cowlitz County v. Martin (EMINENT DOMAIN)  !
  • That case more than proves the problem and with the LAWSUIT in the State, 
  • HONOR our Bill of Rights', the U.S. Constitution, and the 18 Titles of Consumer Protection AND cease-desist-stop the RICO which masquerades as a system of 'checks and balances'.
  • There is a coup, confirmed via Karen Hudes' Et Al
  • HELP?
  • GUARANTEE from the Supreme Court of the State of Washington to file in the Washington State Court against the Federal Reserve System (FRS) and ALL ITS' AGENTS that have been intentionally involved in the greatest collapse of our world earth, global, again.
  • GUARANTEE, JOIN COMPLAINT against the PAYNES (Carolyn and Charles) for stealing a TEMPLE DOG - one of a kind, the pair has been fractured and that is not ok since my mother and father have an estate that must be disbursed.
  • COWLITZ COUNTY "SHERIFF" (IE Kelly Pattison) was involved in the misappropriation of that valuable never to be reproduced art work which qualifies the lawsuit at the United States District Court in Tacoma, Washington
  • Robert J. Bryan, Senior 'Justice' is asked to review the following links and share these with His Honorable Owen M. Panner WHO SENT ME A PERSONAL LETTER REGARDING ALL OF THIS - I am retrieving the letter from my files to send post haste
  • SIMPLE contract law and the due process rule of law isn't really other than what all that are receiving the FEDERAL CREDIT are supposed to fulfill as the obligated duty.
  • I AM also MORALLY OBLIGATED to fulfill my duty and that is why we're communicating and cooperating to resolve the egregious CONTAMINATION to our 'good law'.
  • SUICIDE that is what our time could be considered, for our United States of America and this is my moral obligation to make the truth self-evident - civilizations don't die!
Thank you very much, this link has been sent to you via Email

.. to be continued ...


  1. “This Bible is for the government of the people, for the people and by the people.” The author was the theologian John Wycliffe, sometimes called “the Morning Star of the Reformation.” Astonishingly, they had first appeared in 1384.

  2. American Exceptionalism when the words program this insanity weren't from Lincoln. How do we get to the points in where we are?