Sunday, May 4, 2014

1894 | Sioux Ghost Dance | William K.L. Dickson | Heise | Thomas Edison




  • A/the word to describe or define the "INDIANS" that were the people who lived in the North American Continent before the Western Anglo-Saxon "Europeans" came and committed the usual Apartheid-Genocide.  The Queen of England was a Pirate and well-known as "Queen Pirate", and the Vikings after three (3) driving the pirates from the Cove, finally gave up.  Homo Sapiens are not exactly in the higher thinking level of being creatures in earth.

Critters as subterranean ...

blobbed together as slobbering definitions, the journey in world life

How many titles do the species (same) decide are the reality which the multitudes must accept.  The FEW, in other words, of our own species, make up how the world earth is lived in.  Tragically, somehow the hypnosis is such that this criminally insane 'model' is actually unconsciously accepted and moved in a rhythm of so called 'reality'.


I do not think I am a credentialed any 'label' in this journey world earth.  The real obvious to me, though, is the mind/s that are addicted to a superstition.  Our mind/s have been contaminated.  We/I am in a constant state of doing the best that I think I can, with the mind and the contaminated body-mind-spirit, that I am.  Not great odds in earth life.  Unbelievably tragic for those that are 'born' absent any consciousness of ?  That's the proverbial question:  what has happened to the idea of respecting the human being as a life form worth the value of being alive in a place where life isn't respected, for the most ... ?

HISTORY.  What in the name of this word is IT?  History is written by certain historians, supposedly.  Then, there is the history that isn't known, or at least hasn't been recorded as 'history'.  We are a mystery, in reality, then-therefore.

.. to be continued ... ]

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  1. America is in the GHOST DANCE "SPIRIT" once again, get ready in the readiness of what is, and that's that