Friday, May 2, 2014

A Crime, Secret Lives and a Sinn Fein Arrest | ENLIGHTENMENT | ? | !!

Jean McConville, left, with three of her 10 children. She was abducted in 1972 and murdered.
Gerry Adams was arrested in connection with the 1972 abduction of Jean McConville, after confidential interviews were subpoenaed from a Boston College project.
Sinn Fein Braces for Fallout After Arrest

[sidebar:  Homo Sapiens were decided to be owned by the species, supposedly, Homo Sapiens.

There were and are this "Life Form Human Being", ("Homo Sapiens"), that are called 'humans'.

Humans kill each other and are very violent in the act of killing, especially in killing one another, murdering our own species is a lab experimentation with weapons and other forms of ways to kill our own species and to kill, indiscriminately mostly.

Cannibalism isn't pretend, the act is carried out in many forms of 'soft' to 'hard' POWER.

The human decided to be a human 'family', and the family was also in small factions' as a family.

That is (IE), For Example (EG):  Rothschild, Rockefeller, family/ies, and families of those that decided to 'BE' the power over other humans, labeled as Kings, Queen, Lords, Ladies and so many names of humans to be those that decide for the majority of humans in earth.  Amazing order/s.

RABBI is one of the most 'precious'? humans!?  And of course the POPE, now wow how can GOD be so wonderful to give humans in earth these perfect chosen to be followed by all!??

Milking a cow, World War II, a young pilot named Robert J.  He was a student of art, Indiana University back in the day.  Born September 10, 1920.  Life was stolen, he was human.  Humans stole his life and sent him away to war.  He was made to be a killing machine.  Christian Crusader.

Gotta get the mind/brain to not think like a human.  Humans when made to have an APARTHEID in the brain, then the mind (in every cell of the 'body-physical/mind-emotional/spirit'), can't THINK like a true-real human being.

"Money" was decided to be a way that humans got to have stuff in earth.  Lots of stuff in earth to have and so lots of money gets exchanged, to have stuff in earth for humans'.

Imagination knows no boundaries.

Humans have decided to have "Governments".  Governments are supposedly a form of structure to serve the needs of humans living in earth.

Americans thought they got an education.  Many Americans thought they were educated in the higher thinking 'disciplines'.

Discipline isn't what is in Washington D.C.

AND, there isn't discipline in the so called "Court System".

Dictatorship isn't discipline by any stretch of the whole collective imagination of every life form in the universe and all universes known-unknown.

Subterranean, isn't any different, than the so called human being family/ies.

... to be continued ....]

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  1. Scary insect world 'humans'?!

    New York Times, what's the REAL story, mother of 10, dead, Ireland during the horror of 'then', and now what has the USA done everywhere?!