Saturday, May 10, 2014

American$ | Ugly-Uglier-Ugliest

The Ugly American has to have an ENEMY

The ENEMY is Within

Uglier Americans are the real ENEMY, the Ugliest Global Freaks of Nature

There was this land, and the land-place-earth-location-in-space, was called home.

Home-land, place, was open and free.

Growing in the earth's atmosphere, natural law was growing an understanding, too.

Indians were the people that the PRESIDENTS of the UNITED STATES, decided to genocide, Hitler copied the model.

There were these people from across another ocean, the body of water called, sea, boats came to the land of the Indians.

Changing the land, certain people of the same species 'Homo Sapiens' decided that the earth being round, belonged to the people that could kill enough of the people that were in the way of getting to own all the land all the time and then into the space where so many planets and universes known and unknown, conquering the enemy within.

Something, a sound-noise, perhaps the THING was simply IT.  A way to move vibrations into the space and spaces and the positive moved the negative and vice versa.

Learning from the monsters that lurk within, all of 'em,


ENEMY/IES WITHIN:  Mussolini and the Vatican.  Hitler and IsraHELL, Stalin and then the American Line Up of truly not sane.  No, sane human beings do not behave as these criminally insane do.

What's the deal here?  How did the deal makers' get to be inside the fertile imagination of the earth child and make such a monster that doesn't stop,

The MONSTERS don't have ears with with which to hear.  There are no words that monsters understand, mouths are but, cannibalizing whatever can be cannibalized and there is no safe 'life-form' safe from the cannibals.

DESIRE, insatiable lust to kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, and kill own species.  Insane?  Deciders' don't decide other than with the monster kill, ENEMY within

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