Sunday, May 4, 2014

>most important political development in 200 years was triggered >state legislature of Michigan became the 34th state to demand a “Constitutional Convention” > United States > Under Article 5 of the US Constitution, if 2/3rds of the states call for such a convention, (meaning 34 states) it MUST take place | The suicidal journey of Western civilization from Catholic theocracy to Zionist Satanism

(H/T BIN) -- >> During such a convention, the ENTIRE Constitution can be changed; nothing is off-limits. This would even allow the States to dismantle the federal government without its consent, and repudiate the debt which that government has incurred! When it voted for the convention last week, Michigan became the 34 th state, thus meeting the requirement.

A goal has been reached behind what would be an unprecedented effort to amend the U.S. Constitution, through a little-known provision that gives states rather than Congress the power to initiate changes. This is the most significant political development in the entire world in the last 200 years. Read more... RELATED: Unraveling part of a new Constitution convention riddle

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"... Speak of China as overtaking because of the consumerism.  China also had the TAOISTS who didn't accept China's Imperialism, and so that was why Sun Tzu "Art of War" was also sent by "Allah Almighty" too, for the time that was then.  Now?  There is indeed ALLAH ALMIGHTY and yes JESUS CHRIST THE PROPHET, who also was lost for quite some time and he was in China, the history writes, studying with the great Taoists.

I am in honor of Iran and the people of the Arab nation that have kept the CLEAN WHOLE FIRM reality of BODY MIND SPIRIT, and ALLAH ALMIGHTY is honored in the teaching of TRUTH.

There are billions of SPIRITS/SOULS and therefore, the billions are not other than the work of ALLAH ALMIGHTY or call the name what the Taoists say:

Can't be words because human words can't really explain how great the ALMIGHTY 'energy' is.

Thank you, an American Taoist, too

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  1. No question about a Constitutional Convention and then of course in each and very place there is LAW in the USA, which should be every place in the USA, a CONSTITUTIONAL CENTER where there isn't one "American" that isn't fully schooled in the LAW, wholly.