Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ASIA TIMES, "Letters To The Editor" | Owner/$ 'Merica | Don't Wanna Share! | DECIDES? The Real Decider/s!

An ideology was hatched.

And, "Homo Sapiens" thought IT was in the minds' of the "Human Beings", 'Humans'.

That is, TECHNOLOGY ["IT"] isn't greater than really the incredible IT.

That is [IE], "EARTH" or call the POWER NATURE is all powerful power, an IDEA, that cannot be other than forever THE mystery of all mysteries?  Are Humans supposed to be more intelligent in choices concerning the mystery in earthling life ...

DISCOVERY.  Certain of the Humans decided somewhere in the motion of earth's rotations, to be the deciders of the planet, Earth.

Specific Deciders, DECIDED, lots of decisions and the decisions are now, today, called MODERN.  We've modern ideologies.  There are the western ideologists that decided Western Modernized World EARTH, and then there are the eastern people Humans that decided different ideologies than the westerners.  No place in earth is other than a decision being decided by a decider that has decided EARTH is ITS' "POSSESSION".
Letters to the Editor at Asia Times, interesting how Humans want to be expressed in how feelings feel.  GOLDA MIER was born in the UKRAINE, RUSSIA.  Most Russian "Immigrants" were "Jewish", for the predominant number that relocated to ISRAEL.

The "Jewish Human" wants to be and wanted to be, as all Humans' want to be:  valuable.  Of value.  Humans want to be the valuable power that Human is.

We get into trouble, Humans, when talking heads (see numbers 1-12, "Internationalists"), decide that nature is not as great as the Human.  Nature has been used by talking heads in every way imaginable.  Humans are used by other Humans, why how shocking.

FEELINGS are now getting very expanded in the rotating time in earth's atmosphere.

Co-creators in earth, 'Human Beings', are reaching a point where the thinking that, the Human is the creator rather than a co-creator, is going to be Nature's all seeing eye, to know when to remind the earthing humans, how the real universe sees the way the IT really is, there is no need for any artificiality in the world of nature.   ... to be continued ...


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  1. ATimes Online Editor Section, Letters from the Human Population Wildly Widely Unknown and should be known .. FEELINGS are what generates the ENERGY that when, at the correct moment in 'time' PIVOT does happen alright, called 'Feng Shui' in the east.