Friday, May 2, 2014

The secret “American” army | "American MOM/s" | "American PARENT/s"

A new American army is growing on American soil. They are prepared.  By Brett Redmayne-Titley


American Mom
May 1, 2014 4:41 PM
The crack in the zionist propaganda egg is widening. As American Moms discover that the autism epidemic is directly related to corporate greed,endemic corruption in Congress,Wall St. banksters and complicit media cartels controlled by zionists with the help of massive disinformation about the correlations to autism from the zionist dominated medical cartels, they are becoming enraged. The real threat to the Federal regime is millions of angry Moms across America. Like an angry Tiger Mom we will defend our kids to the death!
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american reply to American Mom
5/1/2014 8:28:20 PM
May it all start with the truth to our kids! It is a big hill to climb for american parents -to get a 'lie-free' information flow to our youth- but it is EVERYTHING that is important! It is our youth that parents need to awaken from the zionist lie machine called mainstream media. It sounds like YOU have the courage and clarity to awaken your kids, family, friends and neighbors.. there's nothing wrong with that! Take this article and put it on your facebook / tweet it (if that's your thing).


  1. Must be some INDIAN blood in almost all "Americans" now, after all these years. Let US fire up the bellies and now join the Indians in driving the same ole White Supremacists' from killing our people!

  2. Unbelievable how long the so called United States of America has been the global military growing PRIVATE mercenary killer biz. Kill and of course steal all that the killers' kill, that's how the story has been. Stopped by Russia and the Bundy Revolutionaries, too., whew Thank all the energies seen and unseen in all mysteries known and unknown.