Wednesday, May 7, 2014

US policies serve big bankers and corporations: Bill Still | Hank Paulson & US Treasury DEALMAKER$ w/China | Bring America DOWN &

[sidebar:   Not safe in the United States', close relationships with people, unless of course, but for knowing someone a long time - long enough to really know, is THE reality real.

American so called leaders made deals.  Deals were made with the global world leaders and the owners' of all these leaders'.

Governments are owned.  The Government of the United States is owned.  The Congress is a group of very self-absorbed poisoned mostly to death, once upon a time called 'human/s'.

Humans have been made into Zombies.


We don't see them as they actually are, we see them as the artificiality has been programmed into our BRAIN/s, our MIND/s, every cell in our physical-mental-emotional-unseen-spirit-LIFE form:  "Being".

DOING, the doing is a robotic program.

Chinese were-are and continue to be FORCED into 'evolving' after a fashion.

The Chinese, so the people don't completely go revolutionary on the slave masters of the east, are being drugged with the ideology that gambling is a way to co-create 'wealth'.  And so-on, SUPERSTITION is sold in China like the nectar necessary for a hummingbird to be in flight.

Russia and China did a dance around the different ideologies in how to treat their 'slaves'.  China and America made deals.  The deals went into a disagreement between the deal makers.  Deal makers are thieves when the deals made by deal makers are in exclusion of the whole equation of INTELLIGENCE.

China and America have leaders, that were getting along.  But, not now, now the leaders are not getting along.  As long as the getting along was killing as many humans that could be killed, and but of course China could not be seen as other than the new emerging 'soft power', (world earth is very confused) the deals were on.

$TAR WAR$, watching the Matt Damon flick about 'the future world'.  Our imaginations are fertile gardens.

We best awaken our gift of reading MIND/S, because the Secret Services do, already, even when the all powerful power of powers has only just begun to be awakened with each new realization of just how dangerous this 'world' has always been, and is.

IMAGINATION has proven via the internet, that the so called governments are nothing but our imaginations and bad ones' are the unfortunate too many past 'governing' that are truly criminally insane.

We are awakening, we're learning.  WHOM are the 'owner/s' of world earth, the total criminal insane ?

Is not this up to our imaginations to get clear, here, this is up for our discovery earth humans, yes?

.. to be continued ...]


  1. Deals to make China and America a compatible ownership of slaves global isn't working out so well between the "Globalists".

  2. Who are the real slaves and what are the owners' of the commodity?