Saturday, October 11, 2014

America America Country Tis Of FACISM | facsim | FRAME OF MIND ~


When the MIND can be poised to the point of no return, and
when the brain can be programmed with the ideologies of another, and
others' whose minds and brains have been contaminated,

What to do America?

Poisoned absolutely intentionally in every ways and means imaginable and, and
consumers worshiping the absence of mastery of fine arts, music, culture, and
and TRUE HI Story, isn't IT is, and

Genocide of the Indians gave the power of force to them, and
asleep, comatose, drugged, dead in the head, soulless, brainwashed,

Pavlov's dog salivating for the next crack at the cocaine holy tissue!

Gone is all power the force has been stolen via the white drugs, and
whatever can be taken into the blown holes in ITS' once-called-a-soul, and
addicted to this madness, the wanton suffering too, clinging to without a clue,

Zombie Zionist Jewry Political Israeli Firster whatever works, and
branding the memory bank into a cesspool of ravenous cannibalism, and
insatiably manufacturing apartheid-genocide the AGENDA twenty-one, Et Al

Et Cetera whatever works inside imaginations corrupted in the hood, and
split the pituitary ruptures looking for the fix to drugs the owners' take us, and
cleaning up earth planet of the experimentation is doing GOD'S WORK?!

Need need new god GOD and therefore, imaginations need NEED spirit, and
co-creating real reality so-few "humans" have decided to decide for all humans, and
that's not how nature intended the PLAN,

.. to be continued ...rk/biloximarx

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  1. Fascists are not other than the worst of the Homo Sapiens that worship the ideology of no faith and therefore, annihilation of the force-spirit and that is too imbalanced for nature's earth!