Thursday, October 23, 2014

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The amount of support of for Israel’s economy originating from Silicon Valley’s private equity firms is especially large. In 2001, during the first year of the Second Intifada, Sequoia Capital Partners, a private equity company headquartered in Menlo Park, raised $150 million to invest in Israeli technology companies. This was Sequoia’s second Israel-focused venture capital fund. Last year Sequoia raised its fifth Israel-dedicated fund, totaling $215 million. Since 1999 Sequoia Capital has injected over $789 million into Israel’s software and electronics industries. Much of this money managed by Sequoia Capital was contributed by California investors, including major tax-exempt institutions like the J. Paul Getty Trust, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

But the U.S. tech industry is also steeped in surveillance and weapons companies, and even the big consumer and enterprise brands like Google, Microsoft, and Cisco produce militarized software and hardware for use in the “homeland” and abroad. The contributions of Hewlett Packard in creating Israel’s biometric tracking system to control the movements of Palestinians is well known. Hewlett Packard also maintains the Israel Defense Ministry’s server farms, a job IBM previously held.  What makes the California-Israel economic connection powerful, however, isn’t so much the nature of the technologies being traded, and the capabilities they provide the Israeli state and military, but more so the sheer economic value of these transactions.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Israel received $1.846 billion in direct investment from U.S. investors in 2012, the most recent year for which statistics are available. This is about two thirds of the total military aid the U.S. government provided Israel the same year.  >>

>> Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square<<Click the link. Read the article. The emergency response agencies in New York City are practicing for a 10-kiloton nuclear detonation in mid-town Manhattan, that will blow down skyscrapers in a half-mile radius, kill 100,000 people outright, cause damage up to 2 miles away, and cover the metro area with radioactivity. Subway service will go down. Cell phone service will be disrupted.

In other words, there would be total chaos, death, destruction and mayhem in New York City.

This scenario fits very well the nefarious plot about which the shamanic plants communicated to me in 2012, that multiple cities would be targeted and that devices somewhat smaller in destructive power than the atomic bombs that the USSA military dropped on Japan in the closing days of World War II would be used.

Mind you, this plan does not have to happen. Nothing is for certain unless and until it actually happens. Nevertheless, there is a steady drumbeat of these articles in recent months and years, with the theme of getting ready for nuclear attack against targets on the USSA mainland. It's as if the public were being primed in advance for the real thing.

If and when it should happen, I am suggesting to you to be immediately suspicious about the event(s). It is all being staged and set up; reality is being rigged and artificially manipulated to create a hellish scenario that is fake and contrived, lamentably with nuclear special effects.

Why New York City?  But why New York City? Why Manhattan again?  >> 

125th Street Earth First Sutra
Play off the court of authority
Misrepresenting in the third degree,
Paying wages to be in captivity,
Censoring life to what's on TV,
To get off your rocks sexuality,
Con-man forced fem-fatality,
Behind bars ghetto death expectancy,
Like 'em down fighting for drug dependency
In a network of heartache, impersonality
The rich show the poor criminality
With manifest destructive deathiny,
A clear-cut chainsaw travesty
For parking lot progress to absurdity,
To millions of car crash mortalities,
To hunt down and kill everything that be,
Slaughtered gentle beasts ground to atrocity,
With atomic waste future generosity,
Control 'em with aids sociology.
Paid not to grow food starved humanity
Fed with third world sterility,
Cause genocide, ecocide spell good economy.
Without more bombs there's depressed poverty.
It's evolved scientific deviltry,
The better way of death philosophy,
For the free to be greedy monstrosity
In a global state of insanity.

The side
Of selfish pride
The wise decide
To love inside
The controller denied
Where the shystem's lied,
As death collides
With oppressors worldwide,
Imitation Gods fried
Dismissed and tried
To take a long bad karma ride.
Pye to pyed
And eye to eyed
For every sigh
Of their crucified.
So the seers of truth confide,
Eternally detached and satisfied,
Living the love nothing can defy.  

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  1. Americans have been THE Colony OF Israel since before 1948, reality is since 1897, and earlier than that. WHO OWNS EARTH? What COLONY IS EARTH TO ? Time to EMPOWER ALL POWERS "EARTH HOMO SAPIENS!!"

    WHO OWNS EARTH? What COLONY IS EARTH TO ? Time to EMPOWER ALL POWERS "EARTH HOMO SAPIENS!!" Americans have been THE Colony OF Israel since before 1948, reality is since 1897, and earlier than that.