Thursday, October 9, 2014

Libyan Investment Authority [LIA] ~ Wall Street's Washington DC "OCCUPY HONG KONG" ~ USA just says NO! SEE NATO SETTLE "International Law"! | FEDERAL RESERVE "BANK" LOL ~ Annuit Coeptis is Latin for “Providence Favors our Undertakings” and Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin for “New Order of the Ages”

>< >  Catherine McDougall, a lawyer from Allen & Overy, who arrived in Tripoli in 2008 to work with the Libyan Investment Authority, also submitted a witness statement which appeared to back up the LIA’s case.  >  “I asked them [the LIA] where the due diligence was, and they respondeddue what?’” she said. “They said that they did not ask for any due diligence [adding that] there was no need to since Goldman had advised them to do these trades.” > But Goldman Sachs has denied the allegations, arguing that the LIA representatives knew the risk of the trades, saying in its court filing that the fund included “highly experienced banking professionals”.

25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve: “Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History” Please Share With Everyone You Know

due diligence  [sidebar:  WHO & WHOM CREATED THE


In OUR MIND(s) there are many imaginations.  And, in our imaginations are many minds.

Energy doesn't discriminate and absolutely knows no boundaries.

When our MINDs get contaminated to the point of critical mass toxic self annihilation ~~

(also an occurrence when caged rats are far too many, as nature seeks a balance, the mother rat eats her own -- AND, during Russia's STALIN REIGN, there were mothers that fed the youngest to the family, to be able to survive the GENOCIDE.  That was one of the STOP this NOW, from V.Putin, the story is he witnessed a mother preparing to serve the "fat baby" to the other children that were still alive.)

~~ BUT:  EARTH ISN'T A CAGE, but we're being caged as though nature isn't our real reality, the reality of a MOTHER-FATHER-INFINITE-PROTECTOR.

The cage is in our minds.  Our mind isn't separate BUT, those of our species that do "GOD'S WORK" have told a truth, after a fashion.  In our mind are those that destroy our minds.  This has to be healed and the healing must begin in the mind.  Change the way we think and we evolve the mind.  We're in the final test to know whether or not the mind of the Homo Sapiens can evolve the power of imagination.  IMAGERY GLOBAL is a gag-order on the imagination, look deeper than the frame that may be greater than the actual picture showing inside the frame.  Subtle energy is also unseen and then, seen.  See we must, a greater imagination than what has been programmed into the consciousness, unconscious, sub-conscious, and let us FREE our "super-consciousness".

Oppressed, suppressed, repressed, depressed and what IMPRESSION has not been pre~programmed into the Homo Sapiens?!  And when in the universes seen-unseen, the hang-on is a pivotal point in a balanced state of negative-positive.  ENOUGH HELL in Earth for an eternity, or we're seeing VANGA see.

.. to be continued ...?]

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