Thursday, October 23, 2014

‎Bundy Ranch | Able Danger | Karen Hudes | Transnational Corporations | Network Of Global Control | NO MORE TREASON

> John Brooks Murray  > October 16 at 8:36am <>  I have copied my response and the link to Karen Hudes' information below because this directly affects the Bundy Ranch as well as all of America. The US government's corruption is DIRECTLY related to the Transnational Corporations' criminal control of the US government. Once the transnational corporations' control of our government is completely wiped out, the Bundy Ranch can truly fight against the evil BLM and Reids, and win. I encourage you to follow Karen Hudes and read the links to her research and information and progress. What Karen Hudes and the "Able Danger Team" are doing directly affects the Bundy Ranch. The network of global control and corruption is being exposed, and it is "going down". Thanks to the diligent efforts of Karen Hudes and her team of whistleblowers. Also, the hard research work of the Able Danger Team is exposing the corruption and evil deeds of these Global New World Order Transnational Financial Corporations and all the "False Flag" events and wars caused by these murderous sociopaths. Prepare for a brighter future as well as a new currency based on the gold reserves from the Global Debt Facility. The new currency will likely be a form of Aurum - Gold containing "paper-like" currency. Don't stock pile Federal Reserve toilet paper unless you plan to lose big. Federal Reserve Notes are going down with the same fate as the Confederate Currency and the Weimar Republic Currency. There is no way to determine how long these changes will take, but the fact that the links herein given show the extensive modeling used to expose all the Central Bankers' schemes and how changes are imminent is encouraging. The corruption of the US government (puppet of transnational corporate interests) will end once this transition to the "Rule of Law" completes. IN SUMMARY, WE ARE FINALLY MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR HUMANITY TO REGAIN OUR LIBERTIES, FREEDOMS, AND UNALIENABLE RIGHTS. Karen Hudes @KarenHudes · No more treason:

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