Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Israel, Russia, China, World Earth & Reality Time In Real Time

isn't the highest choice
one human can choose
to do to another human being
TRAGICALLY, life begins with
experiments from vaccinating
families are poisoned almost all the time
almost to-death! and our
power sources are elemental forces
Metzitzah B’peh, Circumcision, Fiat Money, Faux Religions
R the human beings in charge of the United States of America
actually living as "humans"?!
FRIEND that has been out-of-touch
and was learned to be an attorney in the USA
said today
that he was not at all dialed into the corruption
until he got his own reality slaughtered in the real
Testosterone exploded, gloves-off, brain switched fully on, passion imploded, this place we're living, America,
there is to be a RECKONING and we can
co-create this, or not
SEE KAREN HUDES and dial-up
B4 too late remembers to flush

Chaos into Order is not a task that can be other than practicing the art of balance and wow, O.K. when supreme disorder is, the chaos has become contaminated to the point of critical mass.  We're there, so any tipping point is but, just that.  The future is always a blank slate, let we billions of imaginations not fully asleep in a state of poisoned, breathe deep into the universe the balance we choose!  Thank you Karen Hudes' for your faith in our humanity.

USA and NATO staying in Afghanistan

Washington exploited the animosity between Pashtun and Tajik – which it conscientiously fueled during 13 years of military occupation - to impose a government of national unity whose primary function has been to sign two agreements: Afghanistan allows US and NATO troops to remain in Afghanistan indefinitely.
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Without shame, John Kerry forcefully imposed outcome of the rigged presidential election: former World Bank senior official Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai (a Pashtun supported by the Uzbeks) succeeds Hamid Karzai, while his rival – albeit with the majority of the votes - Abdullah Abdullah (a Tajik who has always lived in the country) becomes Prime Minister.  DOES BIG PHARMA AND BIG OIL AND AND AND FORMER WORLD BANK SENIOR OFFICIAL ... PLEASE CORRUPTION IS VERY CORRUPT

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  1. ELITE ADDICTION Afghanistan Forever-Ever-&Ever

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