Tuesday, October 28, 2014

CLINTONS "Tweedledee" Versus BUSHES "Tweedledum" | 2016 POTUS #45 HILLARY versus JEB BUSH! IMMIGRANTS VOTE FOR JEB BUSH!

In the news:  Fluent in Spanish and married to a Mexican, he would make serious inroads into the Democrat voter base.
GOP's sad new rescue fantasy: George W. Bush presents Jeb Bush 2016!  Salon.com - ... W. Bush presents Jeb Bush 2016! George W. and Jeb Bush (Credit: Reuters/Jason Reed).  19 hours ago
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton courts women voters for this election — and possibly 2016
    Washington Post - 14 hours ago; National Journal - 13 hours ago More news for hillary 2016

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    [sidebar:  American Hollywood can't hold any water when comparing to ALICE IN WONDERLAND, the only true-truth to be told?  America is the one pill that made us larger and now we're real small in the land of FANTASIES!

    HILLARY CLINTON IS A VOTE FOR BILLY ROCKEFELLER AND THAT'S ALL FOLKS!  Think Bill is pissed off at being born?  Hillary is not but, the fem fatal of her man forever-ever-ever and AMEN!

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    1. DRUGS GALORE to make Americans real-real like George H.W. Bush drooling about being a brainless fool that fooled almost all Americans all the time, especially the CHRISTIANS! OR??! HillBilly is HUMPTY DUMPTY'S LAST FALL!? Ready or not RABBITS jumping out of hats, ET CETERA!!