Thursday, May 1, 2014

America | Israel | APARTHEID? | Sec. of State Kerry Backpedals on Israel “Apartheid State” Comment and Tries to Blame Partisan Politics … However, There are Calls for Kerry to Resign


Hey John Kerry, why the long face? He has certainly put his foot in his mouth this time …

Secretary of State John Kerry is feeling the backlash from his ignorant comments about Israel could become an “Apartheid state”.  Kerry tried to backpedal on the comments regarding one of the United State’s greatest allies; however,  Kerry still found time to make excuses and blame partisan politics for his foolish comments saying, “I will not allow my commitment to Israel to be questioned by anyone, particularly for partisan, political purposes. The tape of Kerry’s comments was published by the Daily Beast on Sunday, a recording of Kerry’s comments to a meeting of the Trilateral Commission on Friday in which he lamented the breakdown of talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.

[sidebar:   Come on now, how many can count the brown cows flying in our skies and painted into looking like drones hovering out of sight, CHEMTRIALS!

We in America, not allowed to be other than, whatever the criminally insane decide.

The criminally insane?  PROPAGANDA.

1.  Israel is Apartheid;  2.  America is Apartheid;  3.  The world earth is in a serious Apartheid;  4.  TRILATERAL CORPORATIONS;  5.  NATO, dictating how many humans get to 'live' in earth and how many get to die.

The on and on and on going on with these insane criminals.  Here is what happened to the brains of Kerry, et al:

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  1. When the head has been split in the hood, there is an APARTHEID, and when the Paedophilia Cult fools almost all the people of earth almost all the time, there is an APARTHEID. Time to not be fooled by the Emperors that mutilate our innocent.