Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weidner: Perjury is Acceptable Practice | Neil Garfield | Living Lies

I am a fan of Matt Weidner. Like a breath of fresh air he understands the full implications of the false claims of securitization, the fraudulent foreclosures, the fraudulent reporting by banks to regulatory agencies and the false statements of financial condition they report to the SEC. Best of all he has maintained his sense of outrage at the banks, at the regulators, at law enforcement and the courts.

If you read his article, you can see why he is so angry. We know as lawyers what SHOULD be required in litigation. The fact that basic standards not being met in foreclosure litigation is a present problem for everyone who is involved or affected by the title and money issues; but it is also a future problem for all of us in the decisions, opinions and actions by the courts using a presumption that in the end it doesn’t make any difference how many ways the banks lied, cheated and stole money and title, the homeowner should be the one to bear the full burden of the problem.

This is why I am seriously entertaining a lawsuit in Federal court against the State of Florida for creating a new and wholly dysfunctional standard for the introduction of evidence and the burden of proof in foreclosure cases versus all other civil cases. <<


tnharry, on May 1, 2014 at 9:16 am said:  “This is why I am seriously entertaining a lawsuit in Federal court against the State of Florida for creating a new and wholly dysfunctional standard for the introduction of evidence and the burden of proof in foreclosure cases versus all other civil cases.”  I’m sorry but I call BS. Might as well say he’s considering making a suit of human skin and wearing it to court. There has been no indication that NG has done anything, anything at all so far in terms of meaningful litigation. This whole thing has been about selling useless reports and affidavits. Post positive results and the roadmap for others to duplicate those successes or this whole thing is nothing more than a profit motive preying on the scared homeowners like the banks themselves.

Coyote Lane, on May 1, 2014 at 11:47 am said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.  Interesting "making a suit of human skin and wearing it to court".  Could be said Shylock's Pound of Flesh gets traded cause that's exactly what the court system was and is, designed to be.  Start with the exposure of the Vatican, and of course the largest Pine Cone in the world, bronze, is worshiped there at the SOVEREIGN NATION of the 'Vatican', where the British Accredited Registry [B.A.R.] pays dues to be in the robed gavel tyrants' cult.  See John Roberts' and the secret courts that the fascists love.  WALL STREET, moving right along from the fascists to NAZI, oh yes, how did we get to where the totalitarian government is a global force.  NATO proves you have not one right to sue the court, the court retires on the proceeds from every pound of flesh the American can provide.  Our pituitary gland is compromised and therein lies one of the most serious crimes.  But, we dance around and around in 'Merica pretending the concept was FREEDOM.  Please Apartheid Genocide, Indians were and Hitler used that model to do what he did.  NEW MODEL?  September 11, 2001, was the POLICE STATE to do to the USA what's been done to the Middle East, BIRTHING a new Middle Class of complete human slaves.  LOTS OF LAWYERS are now agreeing with me, years I've been ranting and raving that every ATTORNEY AT LAW in the USA has to sue WALL STREET'S SHYLOCK'S 'Court System'.  Thanks Neil, for finally realizing the only way to stop a criminally insane machine is to shut the IT down.  Can be done and must.  Syria has shut IT down, so has Iran, Russia and China, Et Al.  Time for Americans' to shut down the fascists' Nazisms before we are really sorrier than now.

[sidebar:  Mussolini set-up the Vatican, to preserve FASCISM, and wow, look how well that model has worked, is working.  POPE this and that and the other:  MAFIA.  And, the Italians aren't exactly not set-up in GOVERNMENT/s.  Mr. Supreme Court Justice, not the hand-picked "Chief," but the thug, who wrote a book -- that I thought was impressive (in a word, NOT).  And, this small time gangster visits the Pope to tell him (the Pope) how he (the Supreme Court Justice) can teach the Pope how to JUDGE gays (homosexuals) and women, those minorities that must be kept in the human suffering of slavery in earth.  We've got a lot of denial in the system where lawyers' paid way too much 'REAL MONEY' for an education that was and is, not the truth of freedom and justice and the idea of more than civilized, ENLIGHTENMENT isn't happening anymore.

TRIBE.  The writers at the top level of the so-called system of ROBES that dress-up and play in the courts like SOVEREIGN MONEY is resolving contracts, call the cult "Tribe", "Legal Tribe".  And, on the story yarns, GREATEST FRAUD, criminally insane, Americans.  Too many now, to count, and that is the scariest.  See the JUDGES almost all, made into complete criminals to destroy their own country and call this 'globalism'.  Artificiality has destroyed the ability to exercise common sense..

... to be continued ....]

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  1. ALL ATTORNEYS AT LAW, USA sue together with ALL PEOPLE USA, SCOTUS for dictating POTUS#43, and then the story continues of law suit upon lawsuit until the U.S. Constitution is restored in our American truth as LAW.