Monday, October 6, 2014


On October 6, 1983, a spider bit me ~
a Brown Recluse stung my thumb crease,
on my right-hand at the first inside joint,

two (2) doctors, [ZENG] in Santa Fe ~
New Mexico, diagnosed and said also that,
my main “heart meridian” compromised,

Dr. Ladd who was practicing Ayurvedic ~
prescribed herbal potions that completely,
drained the poison saving my right-hand-arm,

“Mengele-NAZI western so-called medicine” ~
clueless and the “doctor” “MD” worships,
surgery as the big business relied upon to do,


My right-hand-arm, dead-useless because ~
at the “tendon-shield” a cut to drain poison,
too ego-dead and spiritually ? professions,

Doctor, “Lawyer”, PhDs, Supreme Court ~
Supreme Courts, Appeals Courts, Courts to
the individual/s’ powers’ ??: CONTEMPTUOUSLY,

A serious imbalance has occurred within ~
our “THINKING STUFF” call the brain’s organ,
vital to be whole and inner-outer common sense?!

Thinking Stuff where there is, in our permeating ~
supreme joy and unspeakable thanksgiving penetrating,
and filling every “cell” “body/mind/spirit”,

My mind changed then, in October 1983 ~
CLEAN-WHOLE-FIRM an ORDER, from the/a,
“divine”?  Unseen-seen powerful energy,

I get confused sometimes remembering ~
haunting memories Harvest Moon, married and,
pregnant, death and Donald Wilson shape-shifted,

ETERNITY word description, October rings bells ~
frantically wallowing-wailing failing and learning,
now  [rkelly aka biloxi marx]

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  1. The Human Doing must learn to laugh at Being Human in Earth!