Sunday, October 5, 2014

New York Times ~ Letter to Editors

Did you ever feel like biting a nose?  How about biting off a big nose?  Nasty thought to think through the concept, imagery, and certain the act is vile.

The nose of America got bitten off, and the face of no nose (Petro$Collapse) is -- in spite of all the lies told by the spies of world Boogers found dug out and put away wet all over earth -- a gigantic blubbering pile of fleshy rot!

In spite of wars terrorizing the end of rapture, Palestine is being recognized, Sweden, Switzerland is next and the domino has begun the pushing back into another dynamic -- earth.

Doing hard time, State of Israel.  Best get the nose out of joint and into the proper flare of how the new paradigm shift is far more significant than when World Zionism thought flat was still going to fool Wu Dang Mountain in China, here in Century21.

Gotta sell a better Hebe Jew than the Orient Jew and this is definitely checkmate Petro$ gone bye-bye digital dust.


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  1. Making oneself laugh hysterically is good medicine!