Wednesday, October 8, 2014

There are now some interesting rumors from the inside which have been leaking out | Could this recent Ebola problem be another form of Israeli blackmail of the USG to get troops on the ground in Iraq, and fight more Mideast wars for Israel or else?


Supposedly, the new US Military High Command has communicated to Israel that if any more nukes are detonated inside America, those responsible will be immediately hunted down and exterminated, even to the ends of the Earth. Supposedly there had been plans for September, one was called Blackjack and was portrayed in a special BBC slideshow. So far there has been no clear October surprise.

Could this recent Ebola problem be another form of Israeli blackmail of the USG to get troops on the ground in Iraq, and fight more Mideast wars for Israel or else?

The timing is very suspicious, and the pressure being exerted by the illegal Israeli/NeoCon espionage fronts inside America on Congress and the Administration are noticeable and extreme. So far they have failed, and President Obama is reluctant to enter into any new major ground war. Instead he has deployed air attacks against the ISIL/ISIL forces, who are also known as Al Qae Da or Al CIA Duh Version 2. How come wounded ISIS/ISIL are being taken to Israel for treatment?

Of course, if Israelis set off nukes in more American Cities perhaps DC, NYC again or Chicago or Houston, you can bet they would use their Controlled major Mass media (yes, the WZs own it) to blame it on the Iranians, Syrians, Russians or Al CIA Duh. Or, if American troops are not deployed in Iraq to become deeply entrenched in another major war for Israeli, will more Ebola be dispensed into numerous American cities to create a real pandemic?

Are the current cases just a shot across the bow? And is it any coincidence that a new engraving was made in the Georgia Guidepost arch stone of the number 2014. Does this signify the WZ’s deployment of major eugenics measures to lower the earth’s population by 90% as is stipulated in the Georgia Guidestones, the Illuminati’s plan for the NWO written in stone, which also lists the new Ten Commandments of the NWO?

It is also known that this individual transferred some to the Israelis, and these are city busters unlike the W-54 Davy Crockett types, which are Building Busters. It is also known that this member of Congress took billions of dollars from the sale of these warheads and distributed it to himself and other USG Officials and key Members of Congress to keep it covered up.
These mini-nukes were stored in the Israeli Embassy until moved into position by Mossad Agents using the cover of “Urban Moving Systems”. We now know that the Israelis had a great deal of help from their stateside assets in PNAC, including high ranking NeoCons, and high ranking officials in the Administration, the JCS, NORAD, the USAF, and the FAA. Veterans Today sources have all the names of the perps and all the secret files, and if a proper grand Jury with a fully independent prosecutor is set up, all Intel files including some America Files which have been deeply hidden will be provided and will blow the whole case wide open.

Many involved at the perimeter will come forth and testify as to who did it, how they did it, and how it is still being covered up. If you dig deep, most of the names have already been included in numerous VT articles and their references over the last two years. If you want more information on the espionage and use associated with these stolen American Nuclear Pits, refer to Senior Editor Gordon Duff’s incredible series on Veterans Today entitled “Nuclear Education”.

The sinister role of the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM) the main propaganda arm of the USG and the RCC that control it through sophisticated human compromise operations in place over 50 years under Bush-1 and the IZCS.

We now know that the CIA has spent billions of dollars taking over almost all American media and public institutions of higher learning. William Colby once stated, before he was murdered by the RCC, that the CIA’s greatest achievement was the takeover of all Major Mass media through Operation Mockingbird, and that this included every single major newscaster.

Just recently, a top German Journalist and Editor, Dr. Udo Ulfkatte, went public and talked about how the CIA gets control over all the major journalists. As I predicted two years ago and have continued to do so, all secrecy is ending and every single deep dark secret of the USG, which is criminal and out of control, is going to be fully exposed, bit by bit. This is just one of many breakthroughs coming — expect many, many more.

This man is a great international Hero and a great friend of humanity. This is the kind of courage that you will see emerging everywhere, including inside America. His motive is to expose the use of journalists to beat the drums of war, and he is afraid that is what is being done now to start a WW3 with Russia — a war that would cause Europe to once again become a battlefield. This video affidavit provides an astounding X-ray or snapshot inside journalism as it exists in most of the west, bought and paid for by the CIA and Mossad.


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