Thursday, June 26, 2014

BOMBSHELL- The Secret Lawsuit Has Finally Been Revealed- Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake (And Your Foreclosure Is a Fraud!)

This book is not what you think. “Vile Acts of Evil – Banking in America” is the worker's guide to banking. It does not discuss your bank’s usurious interest rates or ridiculous fees – irritants you know too well - and the title reflects neither joke nor hyperbole. This is the story of money, greed, and power in America. If you dare continue, you will soon realize, that the vast underbelly of our American history - the recessions, depressions, panics, and wars - the enormous amount of needless human turmoil, suffering, and carnage - the millions of wasted lives over hundreds of years - are but byproducts of extremely wealthy bankers seeking further wealth - mere corporate externalities, like smokestack soot, not worthy of a bookkeeping entry. Truly, Vile Acts of Evil.

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  1. POISONS, FINANCIAL PAEDOPHILIA, and name an Evil that isn't JURISPRUDENCE USA "Futures" Racket Retirement$!! OH GOD we've been COMMUNISTIC GULAG to the most unforgivable imagination$