Sunday, June 22, 2014

Robert J. Bryan, Article III Court Due Process Law? ORWELLIAN TOTALITARIANISM To Be Exposed Fully Via IT & Not The Same Courtesy As The LAWYER TRIBE Enjoys To Simply Pick Up & Dial Up The USDC (for as long as the denial and criminal fraud continues)

[sidebar:  Mr. Robert J. Bryan wants Dark Ages.  He Et Al don't want to accept that, the world wide web has as much of an NSA going on, there's a gigantic FISHBOWL, American so called 'government'!  Yes indeed, as above, so below.  This IT once upon a time enjoyed a totalitarian black-out from the majority of the public.  Orwellian programming happened and Bernays' Propaganda, WOW, Nazi Germany in modern drag.  That is the only way to keep a racket of criminal thugs into an expansion and never-ending expanding of, the racket.  There was a partnership parting of the ways, and the courts all know.  MR BRYAN YOUR WORK PRODUCT DID NOT ADDRESS, NOT ONCE, THE INTERNAL REVENUE SYSTEM 'IRS' NOR THE OTHER CLAIMS.  But, then, the FILING was and is about how to keep learning how to keep learning how to save the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION from the criminal racket called 'globalization' (for a short term to describe a criminally insane destruction of the US$)  Mr. Bryan didn't and doesn't PASS THE CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER.
Karen Hudes
From: Karen Hudes
Date: Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 4:47 PM
Subject: Re: Touching Base
To: Military Officer


An auditor also asked me the same question, whether there is still time for a good outcome. I am asking the countries of the world the same question. I will remind the Board of Executive Directors at the World Bank, who represent 188 countries, of my meetings with the then Chairs of the World Bank's Audit and Ethics Committees. After the World Bank's Human Resources Department refused to appoint me as Secretary for the High Level Commission on World Bank Governance, Germany withdrew its support for the study. I had already informed the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that Germany's Executive Director, Eckard Deutcher, told me that the Board members "were treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and covered with fertilizer." The Dutch Government had asked the Audit Committee to look into the cover-up I was reporting

The Audit Committee commissioned KPMG to audit the World Bank's internal control over financial reporting after the High Level Commission on World Bank Governance recommended abolishing the Board. When KPMG prevented me from informing their audit team of the lapses in internal controls, I sued KPMG for its violation of auditing standards. As a bondholder, I also sued the World Bank to bring it into compliance under the Sarbanes Oxley security laws. I also required the states' attorneys generals to bring the World Bank into compliance under state blue sky securities laws. The SEC, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and other auditing oversight agencies have refused to sanction KPMG. 

The European Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control investigated my claims and I testified before them on May 25, 2011:

188 Ministers of Finance have settled my bondholder lawsuit.

There is a legal remedy under the laws of bailment. The world's lawyers and auditors are on notice that the world is watching whether they are now requiring the banking cartel to honor legal withdrawal requests to bring the world's gold out of hiding.

This weekend on behalf of Wolfgang Struck, authorized signatory on the Global Debt Facility, I am preparing the withdrawal request to the World Bank and IMF Executive Directors for our administrative costs. At the same time, I am informing them that should the Board not approve the withdrawal request, Wolfgang Struck is going to sell some gold at a sharp discount to one of the member countries. If the World Bank's Board does not honor the withdrawal request, they are on notice on the summary terms of the transaction that will then go forward. I am also writing to all the ambassadors in Tokyo, requesting them to sign the Monetary Agreement. Where there's a will there's a way.

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  1. Incomprehensible, INCOMPREHENSIBLE, yes the Supreme Court also decided HAND WRITTEN FROM INCARCERATION was good enough, but Mr. Bryan Et Al have the IDEOLOGIES the internet isn't a global enlightenment and that is why the USA is in the www NSA, too