Monday, June 16, 2014

United States of America | Mark Rubio, Florida Republican Senator | 2016 United States President of the United States | Daily Kos' WAKE UP & see the real pictures

[sidebar:  There is no question about how SICK America really and truly is.

DAILY KOS sends me petitions to sign.  They didn't notice the family that is a reflection too, just as the Daily Kos family wants PEACE, so do the family of the RUBIOS.

WHEN DAILY KOS & THE RUBIOS GET TOGETHER ... then is when I sign petitions and vote again.

Moulitsas  Markos Zúniga has been happily married since 2000. He is ridiculously in love with his wonderful son, Aristotle, born on November 2003 and vivacious daughter, Elisandra, born on April 2007.

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