Tuesday, June 10, 2014

China Moving Earth's Mountains As Though Planet Is EXCLUSIVELY Theirs' in 21 Century | China's President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan | Commonly depicted in European-history textbooks as "Justified Retribution for Nazi Germany's Wartime Atrocities"

 listen to a speech in Mexico, days ahead of US-China summit. Photo: Reuters 
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[sidebar:  GOVERNMENT$.  The world governments all decided to downsize the planet earth of human beings.  The Chinese like to think that they're still in the past that wasn't what the past really was.  The CHINESE EMPERORS have been about using people to build empires.

AND, and there isn't a species of Homo Sapiens' that has NOT >once in the power position of 'deciding<' that has not, divided the species and decided to kill the same species.

HANK PAULSON Et Al decided to do business with the Chinese, and certainly that was a GREAT IDEA.  The problem is, we are human beings and that means we're subject to STUCK MEMORIES.

Stuck memories have gotten us GLOBALISM.  TRANSNATIONALS, that is, the consumption of the human being is so beyond what we can imagine, that the planet is being killed for human consumption.

ALL SO CALLED LEADERS of world earth are insane.  Otherwise they would not gather together and decide that in the 21 Century they are the deciders of earth.

DIGITAL 'MONEY' and that is so called VIRTUAL.  Now for these people to continue to rape, pillage, plunder earth and harvest their own species' too, is not acceptable.

UPDATE, 1pub 6/8/14  |  6-10-2014  |  

China’s Latest Pet Project? Nixing Its Mountains!

GOVERNMENTS need to get understanding in all ITS' 21 Century GETTING ...
... to be continued .... ]

Few wars today, whether within or between states, do not feature an attempt by one or both sides to create facts on the ground by forcibly displacing minority populations perceived as alien to the national community. And although the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court has attempted to restrain this tendency by prohibiting mass deportations, Elazar Barkan maintains that such proscriptions are far from absolute, and that “today there is no single code of international law that explicitly outlaws population transfers either in terms of group or individual rights protections.

>>  http://www.globalresearch.ca/in-the-wake-of-world-war-ii-the-european-atrocity-you-never-heard-about/31677  <<


  1. World Leaders in the Twenty First Century decide to be in the Dark Ages using HIGH TECH to act as though civilized by killing in mass murder over and over and call the act consumption progressing into modern!

  2. Earth isn't other than a disposable commodity to the criminally insane parasites that are destroying the planet 'home' to 'Homo Sapiens' in disappearing for consumption via governments global

  3. GLOBAL WARMING? HELL NO! China's moving mountains!