Friday, June 20, 2014


[sidebar:  We live, in the state of, constant readiness, ITS' coming.

THE NUCLEAR WINTER is looming in the atmos FEAR as abject TERROR, terrr-terrr-terrr.

What is the mind that has to be so cruel?

Religion.  The First Amendment, U.S. Constitution protects the people that are 'American' in the practice of religion, of the choice of the individual.  Sort of.

Jews of course are the chosen religion so they're protected and also control, and the protection is that which is a sovereign immunity from all treason to the U.S. Constitution, for the majority of the TRIBE.  The RABBI is considered above the Christian and / or any other "God".

The Treasury Department in the U.S., and all the Government that considers the service of 'governing' in the Washington D.C. POLITICAL POWER, as well as every state, municipality, city, county and the U.S.A. in a minority of "Jew" actually own the U.S.A.

BIBLE AND SWORD, by Barbara Tuchman clears the head regarding the so called "Israel" state.

The nuclear plan as all the planned events printed on the stupid paper ('currency').  The piece of TOILET PAPER as the Economist said, Matthias Chang called the US$.

Americans that call themselves the United States Government are discovering what the look is, that isn't other than the fancy sneaking up on others' as globalists' with an agenda.

WHAT TO DO.  About the NIKE Transnational that gets to be whatever the power is, that isn't the best energy for the idea that was supposed to be, America.

What is America?  That is the question which hasn't been and evidently can't be, defined.

Pity.  George W. Bush, "W", "Bush Jr" / "Jr", was chosen.  He may not have been legally/lawfully elected, but he was indeed chosen.  He was chosen by the Supreme Court of the United States, these so called Americans are not first in honor to U.S.

Can we be fixed?  Well the first step in the sneakers would be to purchase them without any of the NIKE choice to sell a shoe.  Each individual purchase a PIGMENT FREE SHOE (that is no 'color'), and with as inexpensive as the ART MATERIALS are today, go and get the pigment for coloring on shoes/fabric.

Each American can make a shoe and wear a pair with a pair to sell.  Never know what person would LOVE that expression, and begin the march into stepping creatively and co-creatively past the insanity of war.

Just an idea.

... to be continued ...

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  1. Change the IDEA, co-create and / or create a pair of our own ART and wear that to sell the other design one of a kind, but revolutionary stepping stone to employing lots of feet stepping into the 21 Century