Monday, June 23, 2014

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[sidebar:   MONARCHY GETS TO BE THE MOST CRIMINALLY INSANE and call the act:  KINGS in search of new partnerships globally.

In a word:  Godless
Let’s see if Huffington Post removes this comment, too:
Karen Hudes • Top Commenter • 5,324 followers
Huffington Post did not venture any reason why Juan Carlos might have abdicated. It is this: that Juan Carlos is the head of the Farnese continuum and he’s a high level Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George and a Knight of Malta all wrapped up in one. Carlos' agenda is Rome's and not the Spanish people's. The Jesuits assassinated Lincoln. 
The Jesuits assassinated JFKennedy by ordering the Mafia to shoot JFK through a sewer, as told by Gambino. 
The Jesuits shot Reagan after Reagan printed US dollars because his Grace Commission revealed that all of our tax dollars are going to pay the Federal Reserve: 


  1. Huffington Post? George Soros and Kings of Spain are not exactly what any sane human could-would-should emulate. MONARCHS are slaves to a system of the most vile evil known in this life called 'earth'!

  2. Karen Hudes' ATTORNEY for real LAWYER knows where all the FORENSICS are to be a learning curve for the lowest denominator in the commoners of earth!